Friday Night Reflection

Season 1 bleeding into Season 2, as Dr. Reid sweeps our hearts away through every word he speaks. Fresh pink nail polish paints the smell of bubble gum through the room. Above the blanket, Jack Frost works his magic via AC unit. 

More shows? And a meteor shower in the middle of the night?

I decide to stay.

And we indulge in more crimes, more Reid, more justice until we venture down the mountain to “the big M” for burgers, fries, mocha frappes and Dr. Pepper. In the rush, I ruin my perfectly polished nails. And “daddy-long legs” creep from window to side-view mirror, aching to enter my car. 

We return with our appetites, eating as we watch and repaint and Tweet.


We scurry outside to find the stars in the sky stagnant, a deep hum from the moving earth coming from a distance. 

We decide to wait until 3am.

In the meantime, we scroll through Facebook and Buzzfeed, and we are struck with amusement as we read about Matthew Gray Gubler and his nerdy ways. We laugh hysterically: from pure joy, fascination, attraction, and simple insanity caused by consciousness late into the night.


Still no shower. And I check my phone to find a CNN post from 16 minutes ago. I quickly scan it, finding nothing new from what we know…then I reach the top of the article to read:

“Not tonight.”

Exhausted, we dabble at social media again for a few minutes. Corinne goes to cut her bangs as I transcribe the events of the evening on my cell phone, typing and re-typing words over and over. For it is now 3:33am.

Time for bed.

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