Today Tho…

Y’all…today was…SMH. 

I feel like I write more about the happier times in my life than I do the hard ones. So here’s a hard-knock life post for ya…

Let me be real honest: this week hasn’t been the best. It’s been a little more stressful, the weather has been weird (like, burning hot one minute, and then pouring rain the next), work has been kinda blah, and my sister’s car has been having issues starting up a few times in the past few days.

Today took the cake tho. 

Kae’sha and I went to work as usual…and as usual (at least for the past two days or so), her car didn’t start up in the parking lot during our lunch break. It took about twenty minutes, and finally, it started, and we bolted out of there like there was no tomorrow.

We ate so fast. Kae’sha had three pieces of toast. I ate two pieces of provolone cheese smashed between two pieces of plain white bread and drank all of the water in my water bottle (didn’t have time to fill it up afterwards either). 

We were supposed to check on some cats we’ve been taking care of for a neighbor, but we didn’t have time, nor did we think that Kae’sha’s car was reliable enough for us to use to get there and back. But we scrambled to her car, with high hopes that it would start right up so we could drive back to work.

It didn’t. 

And we didn’t have time to sit in the car and wait for it to decide when it was going to start up. We had to find a ride to work right then.

And, honestly, I was frantic. I didn’t want to be late to work. The frustration was settling in. Kae’sha and I called Grandpa to find some form of transportation and we called our supervisor to let him know that we may be a little late coming back from lunch.

We tried Grandpa’s car…couldn’t find the right key. So, we grabbed a key and walked all the way to a family friend’s house (up this STEEP-STEEP-hill), to use their car…only…we had the key to the wrong car.

So, we had only one option…we had to walk.

I mean, it wasn’t too far…but when it’s already 1pm and it’s still maybe a 10-20 minute walk, depending on where you’re going on the campus, and it’s hot as crap outside…not to mention you’re frustrated, emotionally exhausted…

…yeah, I was fed up. Today was rough.

Obviously, we made it to work eventually. One of my supervisors, Amanda, fed me Wint-O-Green lifesavers until I could forget my horrible experience. According to Kae’sha, it started raining after I’d reached my destination and gone inside. And another supervisor, Miss Sandy, drove us back home after work.

So the day ended pretty okay.

When I was in the midst of it all though, I could feel the weight of everything just crashing on me. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s what I was feeling at the moment.

But really, this was the first time in a long time that I’d been through a day as frustrating as this. And we all have to go through days like this in life.

And of course, when Miss Sandy came over to look at the car, it started right up. Why? Because that’s how life is, LOL.

See, now that I’ve gotten through my rough time today, I can kind of laugh about it. I mean, sorta. I’m kinda tired from walking and working…and lack of sleep…

I’m kind of rambling right now to you all, haha, hope you don’t mind!

Anyways, I guess the moral of this little summer adventure/nightmare is that we all go through hard times…they’ll come and go. But they will end. And they aren’t as big as they seem. And we need to take time to recover from them. For instance, I’m recovering from my rough day by working on tha blog (yes, this blog, this post, and actually another post that’s on the way tomorrow! :D), listening to my favorite music, and texting my best friend.

Soon, I’m gonna get some cookies and milk. Mmmm, recovery snack!

Well, I should probably do something about that lack of sleep I’m having…good night all! Sweet dreams!

luv ya!
*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

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