REVAMP ’14! #1

Welcome to the first post ever of my new blog segment REVAMP ’14!

This week, Bria’s going to show us a pair of leggings, and I’ll be sharing a complete outfit of mine that I recently bought. Caylin is absent from this post because she was busy attending Camp Electric for the week and she’s probably really busy still and very tired. But she will definitely participate in next week’s post!

Let’s get started, shall we? 🙂

Bria’s Leggings

Here’s a picture of the leggings Bria has (***the girl wearing the leggings isn’t Bria. Just FYI, LOL):

And this is what Bria has to say about these awesome-looking leggings:

“These leggings are comfortable, like leggings normally are, and when I saw the birds on the side, I waned them instantly. I guess that’s why they’re a part of the revamp. For me, the revamp isn’t about changing my style; it’s about wearing my style. Buying clothes that I actually like instead of letting people tell me what I should be wearing based on what they like or how they expect me to look. Anyway, these leggings are actually thicker than I thought they were going to be, so they’re even more perfect for snow days (for some reason, if it’s snowing, I only wear leggings).”

Bria got these jersey leggings from H&M. Recently, the price online for themis $14.95, so stop by H&M and see them for yourself! 

My Outfit

So here’s a pic…

LOL, excuse the awful mess of my room included in the picture! XD

I LOVE this outfit!

My top is a junior’s Xhilaration printed cropped tank from Target. The online price is $14.99 right now (I won’t lie, that’s pretty expensive! But I really love this tank!) 

My bottoms are from Forever 21. Sadly, I was unable to find them on their website 😦 But I love how the designed pockets match my top from Target! Just a quick heads up, for next week’s post, I’ll be wearing a different tank top that also matches these shorts!

Even though I’m lacking shoes with this outfit, normally I’ll wear my brand new kicks: a pair of black and white Nike Sons of Force high tops! They’re shown below:

Beautiful, aren’t they? 😀 It took a couple of times to break these babies in, but they’ve been a really nice pair of shoes to have since they can match with anything (they match really well with my outfit scheme I have going on here!)

And just to zoom in on one of the items from my outfit, here’s a closer picture of my tank from Target:

This outfit was a part of my personal revamp because I’d never worn many things with patterns in them. I’ve always liked to match tops and bottoms when I can, and this outfit – although brand new to my wardrobe – still expresses a piece of me that is MATCHING. Plus, it just screams SUMMERTIME to me! 😀 

Well! That is the end of my first REVAMP ’14! post! I hope you enjoyed seeing the personal, revamped styles of me and Bria this week! 

***ATTENTION: Special Offer to My Readers!

Dear Readers,

If you’re so inspired by this whole revamp business my friends and I have come up with for ourselves, start your own revamp! Dive in and shop for clothes you want to wear! 

If any one of you decides to do their own little revamp, please, LET ME KNOW! I’d love to see what other styles are out there and what other people enjoy wearing and why! 

Go to the top of my blog and look to your right; there’s a Contact Me! space there! I encourage you to email me what your revamp plan is, what items of clothing your planning on buying, where they came from, and why they are a part of your revamp! 

Include pictures and I’ll make you a special guest on the weekly REVAMP ’14! post that comes out EVERY FRIDAY. (I’ll permit 2 special guests per week!)

I hope to hear from many of you SOOOOOON! I’d love to have a few of my readers as a part of this Revamp movement! (^^)

Well, I hope you all have had a great week! Today is F-R-I-D-A-Y! And, I’ll be quite honest, my week hasn’t really been the greatest. BUT I’m thankful to still be alive and breathing with the opportunities laid out before me. Lots of lessons I still need to learn, but I’m willing to learn them in order for me to grow and understand things better!

I love you all! Get through today and IT IS THE WEEKEND, PEOPLE! GO OUT AND HAVE FUN! ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!

Wanna know what my next adventure is? House-sitting and dog-sitting for a family friend of ours! This means packing up my bags with everything I need to live in a foreign house and take care of a foreign dog for five days with my sister and a friend of mine (and getting paid to do it!) Excited to see how this little adventure of mine will go! 😀

luv ya!
*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

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