#SB2K15 {DAY 2}


I should be packing for WASHINGTON, D.C. right now, but I know I need to blog before I forget to. SO…

Our second day of spring break has come to a close. But it’s been a nice, long day filled with not so much adventure but tons of catching up on relaxation. Honestly, today was the best Sabbath I’ve had in a long time.


We all woke up to leave at 8:15am to go to Taylor’s church. It was a really good service that only lasted an hour, and then we rode with Mrs. Thornburg to Sweet Briar, where she’d made flower arrangements for a wedding. She needed to take back some vases and things, and we just tagged along with her.

Sweet Briar was this all-girl college, whose colors were green and pink and had a flower as their emblem. Sadly, they shut down last June, so it’s just a huge, empty, beautiful campus. It was so cool to be there though, and to walk around one of the buildings. We all couldn’t imagine what it would be like to attend an all-girls school for three years and then for your school to shut down and you’d have to transfer somewhere your senior year of college. *shudder*


The title speaks for itself. After getting home from Sweet Briar we all got in comfy clothes and sat in front of the TV to catch up on our shows.

Bria and I are Scandal fans. It was a pretty good episode, but it didn’t have anything really to do with the deeper plot going on. Caylin and Taylor joined us for The Walking Dead. We all had to catch up before tonight’s episode (which left me, quite frankly, in a salty mood. I’ll probably fume about it all week until next weeks episode. BAHH!) Caylin went to nap as Taylor and Bria began watching The Bachelor, and I kinda watched a little bit of it too, but I’m not a big fan of it.

Table Talk

After finishing The Bachelor, Taylor and Bria joined me at the dinner table for devotions and homework. We goofed off for maybe an hour as Mrs. Thornburg brought us snacks (yum!). I did get some things accomplished, though, and that was great. I’ve been reading in my Bible a lot about worry because, as you all might now, I am a born worrier and right now, there are TONS of things on my plate that I could be worrying about right now like my summer plans, my senior year, the dress I’ll wear to Spring Formal (a much smaller problem than the previous two, but still something to consider).

But I am truly grateful for Scripture because that’s been the only thing that’s been able to keep my mind stable and my feet on the ground. Even though things in this world are so unstable and uncertain, God’s Word remains the same. It is never-changing, and in my world that is always undergoing change, that is a comforting thing to remember.

Before we knew it, it was time for dinner and dessert, and Mr. Thornburg took us all out for Starbucks afterwards (I couldn’t get anything though….not after having two of those cinnamon brownies…)

More Chillin’

After Starbucks, we crawled into Taylor’s walk-in closet (where Bria and Caylin are sleeping) and Caylin gave us a little mini-concert as she sang us some of her songs. Then we watched the latest TWD episode, ate more cinnamon brownies, and here we all are: taking showers, getting packed, blogging, reading, turning in for the evening…

…so we can all get up and leave by 8:30am to go to WASHINGTON, D.C. I’m honestly really excited because I’ve only been once, and it was only a stop for a couple of hours. We’ll be there all day tomorrow, stay in a hotel tomorrow night, and have all day there again on Tuesday. It’s gonna be awesome!

And so, I hate to leave so abruptly and have all these short posts about us doing nothing but watching TV and eating, but I really need to go pack and get ready for bed to get up early tomorrow. I’m sure we’ll take pictures tomorrow and there’ll be more for me to tell you about (hopefully though I won’t wait so late in the night!)

Hope everyone’s Sunday was great and relaxing! It’s the beginning of a new week! Those who have work and school this week: YOU CAN DO THIS! Power through it! Make Monday better than what society says it is! And those on spring break, cherish every single day you have before you have to go back to classes. Relax, rejuvenate, do whatever you wanna do for the next week before it’s gone!

Time to pack AHH!

Love ya!

Mishy ❤

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