6 Days In.

Happy New Year!

Oh wait…I’m late, aren’t I? I guess that’s what happens when you have some crazy adventures as soon as the new year begins!

To start off, I’ll give you all a brief overview of how the past 6 days of the new year have gone..

New Year’s Eve

My entire family decided to leave. The little kids were going to start school soon and some people had to go back to work, so everyone left on the same day.

Except for me.

I stayed behind, thinking that having the house to myself would honestly be restful since I’d been living in a house with over 10 people in it for about a week or so. Don’t get me wrong – having the family all together for Christmas was amazing, and I’m always happy that we get to experience it every year.

But after a while you just need the space. So everyone went back home and my grandparents and sister decided to visit Savannah for New Year’s and for the rest of the weekend.

Meanwhile, I had my own little New Year’s party at my grandparents’ house. I borrowed a game (Killer Bunnies), found some decks of cards, bought some sparkling cider, and baked cookies for my two great guy friends, Michael and Kyle. Michael had stayed in the area for the entire holiday and Kyle had just returned from his hometown. They didn’t have any plans to celebrate New Year’s Eve/Day, so I decided we could have a get together.

And what a gathering it was! Our party consisted of eating pizza and cookies, playing games, watching Minions, playing guitar, having great conversations and taking silly pictures and Snapchats. It was an awesome way to ring in the New Year!

***In the pictures below, Michael is on the left and Kyle is on the right

New Year’s Day

January 1, 2016. Kae’sha’s piano teacher needed someone to watch her three kids as her parents headed home and she and her husband were coming back from their trip. Since Kae’sha went home, I decided to fill in.

Little did I know that this babysitting job would be for 9 hours (and it actually ended up being longer than that). And that most of the kids were still in diapers. And one was nonverbal.

Despite knowing these things, I was determined to start the new year with positive vibes. I mean, how bad could it be? I’d babysat plenty of kids and had tons of experiences with them, which I survived. This wouldn’t be any different, right?

Mmmm, it honestly took a lot of strength to hold onto those positive vibes. Let’s just say that my time babysitting consisted of poop getting all over one child. Another child peeing their pants. The same kid who got poop all over himself played with some hand soap and got it all in his hair and his eyes. Lots of screaming and crying ensued. And I drew several baths.

But I made it! I left later than I thought, but was able to still hang out and crash with my friends.

I also got to start reading Shonda Rhimes’ “Year of Yes” that I got for Christmas. IT’S SO GOOD.


Saturday, Jan. 2

I thought the adventures would end there. You see, when someone says the word “adventure,” I expect there to be something huge happening. Something unexpected, extraordinary. But adventures can be as simple as throwing a frisbee around with friends or watching The Emperor’s New Groove for the first time in YEARS.

And those are just a couple of things I did.

I helped Kyle with some car stuff he had to do. I spent most of my day watching some of my friends play tennis and retrieving the tennis balls that went out of bounds. I also threw a frisbee with them on my college’s intramural field for a good hour or more. Afterwards, we finished a puzzle and ate a chili dinner as we watched Spy Kids 3: Game Over and gaped at how awful the movie was as a whole.

Afterwards, I headed back to Michael and Kyle’s house where I watched The Emperor’s New Groove with Kyle (we tried watching Kronk’s New Groove, but the movie was just d r a g g i n g) and then we played guitars and sang with each other for a while. It was really fun. Honestly, it was the first time (besides in front of my girl friends) that I’d felt comfortable playing and singing. It was fun to play songs I knew and to hear Kyle just freestyle on the electric guitar.

And then we sang a couple of Taylor Swift songs. Cause why not?

To finish the night, we played a round of Killer Bunnies (which I feel like Kyle hates, but also secretly loves).

Sunday, Jan. 3

Kyle and I were able to hangout so much on Saturday because Michael was gone at a wedding rehearsal for a wedding happening today – Jan. 3.

So basically most of the day was just chilling and waiting for the time of the wedding to arrive. I ate at Waffle House, had Starbucks with Kyle and another friend Drew. We watched Netflix for an hour or so until I had to get ready for the wedding.

This would be the first wedding I would go to in which I was wholly conscious of what was happening and I knew both parties uniting. They were good friends from school, not to mention half of the guests were from my school.

And the wedding was spectacular. It was so fun to see the union of two friends and to be surrounded by friends at the reception.

2 of my great friends – Hannah and Ima – who were both bridesmaids at the wedding.


Monday, Jan. 4

Well, I thought my grandparents and Kae’sha were coming back TODAY, but they’re actually coming back tomorrow.

So I literally just spent this last day to myself – watching Netflix, playing guitar, going to Wendy’s, working on work stuff. Yep. Pretty uneventful.

Tuesday, Jan. 5

I cleaned for a woman living on the mountain for a few hours. By the time I got back home, Kae’sha and my grandparents were back. Kae’sha and I tried to go to Standard Ink so she could switch out her lip ring for a shorter one and they still didn’t have smaller ones in. But it was fine. I honestly was just happy to be out with my sister.

Then we spent the rest of the night watching Sherlock. And I was inspired to blog about the first several days of the new year, even if I was just writing small blurbs.

And so here we are to today. Wednesday, Jan. 6. And, I hate to admit this, but now there’s less than a week until I have to go back to school. For my last semester. TO FINISH MY UNDERGRAD.

Which means I still have a lot I need to do. I had a list of things I was going to do during this break since I finally had the time to do them, and of course, I haven’t really gotten around to ALL of the things.

But I regret nothing. I’ve had some amazing times during this break, and since I have really no big plans today, I plan on doing what I can to get myself prepared for my last semester (and also still relax a little because, c’mon, IT’S STILL CHRISTMAS BREAK!)

I hope that as I continue my journey into this new year, I’ll be able to blog about more adventures, be better at Kicks and Skittles with Bria, and be more fearless this year than ever before.

Love ya!

Mishy ❤


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