#realtalk – blogging stress

I’m going to be really honest here. I’m frantically trying to write something in the last 19 minutes I have before I should probably be in bed because after last week’s crazy shenanigans, I won’t be depriving my body of the rest it needs. 

And I’m sad because I miss blogging every day and sharing my thoughts with you guys, and just writing a little something different in general. But I feel like lately, I either am rushed for time, or I don’t feel inspired, or what I’ll write here won’t be as good as what I’m writing on my own in journals or in my Notes app. 

There is some great stuff coming, I assure you. I am really excited, so excited that I’ve almost leaked everything to you all at once because I’m impatient, and I can’t pull off suspense very well. But as I’ve said before, I’m learning through all this about the importance of the process; of following the game-plan.

Which has led me to here: not blogging for like two weeks straight, and feeling guilty about it. And even somewhat stressed about it because I want to provide content for y’all, but I just feel like I can’t or shouldn’t. 

And I wanted to share this with you because even though there are a lot of awesome opportunities going on in my life right now, all the goodness doesn’t get rid of the stress. It doesn’t make all the anxiety of wanting to be a good writer disappear. It doesn’t automatically make me an author, or someone who has their brand and their ideas and dreams all together. 

No, all this just makes me human. Good opportunities are awesome, but stress still abounds. The battle may not be physical within my world of work or other things, but man, the emotional and mental side can really weigh me down. 

So, as I’ve asked you guys to do before, please pray for me. I may be abiding by the process, but that doesn’t mean the process is perfect. And it doesn’t mean that my mindset about it all is perfect either. 

I just long to do what the Lord has called me to do, and am asking for the strength to accomplish it all (not just by myself, mind you, but with the help of others!). 

I am just as excited, but also just as nervous too. Crazy how the mind, how the world works.

This worn-out writer needs to go to bed though. The week may be halfway over, but there is much to be done. 

Especially this week – my sister graduates from college this Saturday. Which means I’ve been an independent adult for basically a full year. 

Wait til you read the blog post about THAT.


πŸ’™ Mishy πŸ¦‹

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