favorite day of the week.

I write this post exhausted, and sad that I didn't blog yesterday. Grr. Oh well, moving on…

It's Saturday, my favorite day of the week! And this is what's been happening…

This weekend marks the first weekend in like three weekends that I'll be home, not traveling to theme parks or Atlanta for concerts or meet-ups. And I'm grateful for it because it's been pretty restful – I slept in and slowly got myself ready for today. I got to talk to some friends who live miles away from me, and laugh with them. I hung out with my sister and treated her to a sushi dinner, something we both hadn't done in a while. I got to take pictures again around downtown, and feel super accomplished about it. Both of my roommates are gone, so I took the opportunity to dance in front of one of their full-length mirrors (thank you for letting me do it lol).

Even though a small part of me is a little stressed and overwhelmed about some things, I think back on my day and realize that I'm okay right now. Truly, I am.

And I was talking with one of the writer's who regularly contributes to my #JustStartWriting website, and she informed me of a major anniversary for her writing and mine, and it honestly has me so humbled and in awe of how God has been moving in my life and writing, and in hers as well. Like, a year ago today, I couldn't imagine what writing a blog post every day would create; how God would use my faith and faithfulness and trust to inspire her. How her writing would continue to shape and grow through the same process of trusting and sticking with it. Praise be to God; this is crazy.

It's got me excited for what's to come in the next year. Where in the world is God going to have us both in our lives, and in our writing? I used to be so nervous about the future and its uncertainty. Maybe it was because I was skeptical that anything positive could happen with where I was in my life; my mindset was focused on all the wrong things back then. And even now, it's still hard to focus on the right things, but I've been learning on how to really push myself to hone in on what really matters.

But Saturday is not quite over (I mean, it almost is, but…)! After a shower, I'll talk to some more friends before bed, probably make a to-do list for tomorrow, and get some sleep for church in the morning.

I'm excited because tomorrow I'll actually be able to have a somewhat restful and productive day – going to do some adult things like grocery shopping and cooking, but hopefully do some relaxing and renewing things too. It's going to be awesome.

Until Monday, luvvies!

#MishyWrites 🦋✨

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