One Word – “Focus”

My church did this series last year about finding what your “one word” for the year would be. A word you would carry with you throughout the year, and strive to become or be better at.

“Brave” was my word in 2018.

I have been fearful for most of my life, and those fears would place worries in my head about who I was, what I would do, what would happen to me. I can think back, and tell you what and who I was afraid of during specific times of my life. Well, at the end of 2017, I was determined to push past fear and worry; I had so much I wanted to accomplish, and I knew that I would need the help and strength of the Lord to conquer it all.

And all of that took bravery.

And if you ask me how my 2018 went, I will tell you that it was definitely full of bravery on so many levels. I did things I always dreamed of doing, but used to be scared of. I was able to connect with people I may have been intimidated by previously, but could now truly love and appreciate and support.

This year, I think my word is “focus.”

I heard this word a lot towards the end of 2018 during some busy/crazy times. With my birthday, all sorts of family coming into town, the holidays, and the end of the year drawing near, it was really hard for me to think about the whirlwind of a year that had passed, and what I wanted to accomplish in 2019.

Eventually, I realized I was telling myself that I had to focus. And then several conversations with different people revealed to me that that was something I was lacking, and as I’ve reached the beginning of 2019, I want to achieve it as best as I can. I even heard a song that had the line, “I need to focus…”

“But focus on what?” you may ask…

Of course, in general, I want to focus on writing, be it blogging or poetry. I want to focus on building my brand more than I did last year. But most importantly within all of that, my main focus needs to be on God. Because He is the Giver of all of my gifts, and without Him, I wouldn’t have a purpose or sense of direction.

It doesn’t mean that focusing on God means that I’ll know every single move I need to make, but it does mean I can continue to move in confidence, knowing that as long as I keep my focus on God, and know that ultimately, all I do is for His glory, then I have nothing to fear, and His Will for me will come into fruition.

So How Do I Figure Out My One Word?

Well, the main thing is to pray about it. Ask God what word He wants you to focus on this year, and to reveal it to you in extremely clear ways. James 1:5 says, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, Who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” So don’t be afraid to ask Him for wisdom on what your one word should be! Seriously pay attention as you’re praying for your word; it could appear in conversations, in sermons, even in songs or podcasts!

I actually started reading a devotional this week called “One Word” to help give me some insight and help on the idea of one word for the year. One of the devos explained that it’s easier for people in our busy society to focus on one word instead of a whole phrase or even a whole project because we can become overwhelmed by it, or feel failure if we try to tackle the whole thing and come up sort of short.

But honing in on one word allows us to utilize that general word in specific areas and times of our lives. Last year, I could focus on being more brave in my job, in my social life, on the stage reading my poetry. This year I can focus on focusing on my quiet time with God, on the true reasons for why I write, etc.

I pray that, if you do decide to pray for your one word this year, that the Lord would reveal it to you, and give you the strength and courage to live it out for His glory!

I’d love to hear what word the Lord places on your heart once it’s been revealed to you! If you don’t mind sharing, comment under this post what your one word is, and how you plan on focusing on it this year!

Happy Friday, luvvies! Have a great weekend!

Mishy 🦋

2 thoughts on “One Word – “Focus”

  1. Rachel

    Hi Mishy! Mhmm focus is a good word! I love that you asked the Lord for a word this year. My word for this year is fragrance. It’s such a fun thing to do with the Lord and see how He makes the word make more sense throughout the year. Have a good day!

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