2019: The Plan

Happy New Year, luvvies!

I hope you all had a safe and fun New Year’s Eve! And I hope you all have survived the first few days back to work or school. Or maybe you haven’t gone back to school yet, to which I say, you’re blessed indeed.

But I know it’s been a while…so much for me blogging the rest of 2018, am I right? I realized it was because even though I had good intentions and dreams to post every day, I didn’t have the most important thing to accomplish this task – a plan.

So instead of writing posts like I said I would, I was spending the last days of 2018 planning out what 2019 would look like for this blog, for my Instagram, for the projects I have in store. And for this blog, I will say this – my goal is to blog every week this year, with each post dropping on every Friday of the week. 

I know that things aren’t perfect – life happens, things pop up, etc. and it causes little foils in plans sometimes. But my prayer is that the way I’ve set this up the last few days of 2018, I’ll be able to keep this blog updated every single week with whatever is happening in my life that will produce lessons, encouragement, laughs and more. And hopefully, it’ll be encouraging to you with whatever you’re going through!

My guess is that you have goals you want to accomplish in this new year. Do you have a plan to help you accomplish them?

Maybe the idea of a plan intimidates you. I know it intimidated me! I felt that if I made a plan and didn’t stick to it constantly, I would feel like a failure. So much so that I procrastinated planning for so many things I wanted to accomplish, and probably could’ve had done by now. I honestly feel like my procrastination was rooted in me thinking like this:

“If I make a plan, and don’t stick to it constantly as I should, I will feel like a failure. And I don’t want to feel like a failure, so, I won’t even try to make a plan.”

GUYS! Do you know how much that kind of thinking has hindered me in my life? A LOT. I’ll give myself a little credit, and say that I’ve gotten better over the years to squash this feeling of failure from stopping me, but it definitely had a hand in me not making a plan.

Until now!

So, if you’re feeling intimidated, DON’T BE! Maybe you don’t know where to start, and that’s okay! Just start somewhere. If you have a passion, or something specific you want to accomplish, think to yourself, “How am I gonna get there? What steps do I need to take? Who can help me?” and go from there!

I know you might be thinking that I’m making this sound too easy, but I know it’s not easy; it took a lot for me to swallow my fear of failure, form a plan, and commit that I would follow it to the best of my ability. Don’t let the commitment or lack of knowledge scare you! Know that as you’re making a plan, you’re not alone — someone else out there is making one too, and maybe you’re both just as nervous about your plans not working out.

But then think…WHAT IF THEY DO?!

Well, I guess you’ll never know unless you try, right? 🙂 We’re four days into the year, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait for another new year to roll around. Start your planning today!

And as a bonus, I’ll tell you what album I’ve listened to recently that has some hype tunes that may/may not get you in your planning mode! My best friend Bria recommended it to me, and I personally think it’s dope: The Plan by DaniLeigh

If this doesn’t work for you, pull up whatever music motivates you best, and get your plannin’ on!

Mishy 🦋

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