The Truth about Success

What does success look like to you? We see a lot of different versions of it portrayed in music, celebrities’ lives, social media, etc. and most of it looks the same – having lots of money and material possessions; being able to travel to different, exotic places; having the love of thousands of people for who you are, and what you do.

We see these definitions of success, and we long to obtain those things through doing what we love. But what happens when we continue to work hard, and we haven’t gained those things? Are we considered unsuccessful?

I think of how we’re already in the second month of 2019, and so many people have jokingly posted how “January was a free trial, and February is when we really put in work.” And it can be true for so many of us, and that’s okay; you may need a whole month to gain the courage, or get your footing before working on your new goals. But because we haven’t reached a certain point after one month, we feel like failures; we feel unsuccessful.

And I think of so many of us who have continued to work on our passions for YEARS, and still haven’t gotten the clout, the recognition, the offers, the money we desired to have by now. And because none of that has happened for us yet, we feel unsuccessful. We also may feel like we’re not good at what we do.

It also doesn’t help that we have social media to constantly remind us that others’ lives and careers are “so much better” than ours, causing us to think that other people are more successful than we are.

But just because we don’t fit the mold of what the world sees as successful, doesn’t mean we are failures. Success is more than just material things, and popularity. Success can be a “thank you” from someone who was touched by what you do. It can be a promotion at your job, or gaining a new circle of people/friends to hang out with or bounce ideas off of. Maybe your work is shared through a lot of communities, and is able to impact people in such a way to think and move differently.

I think too many times these opportunities within our careers or lives occur, and although we’re grateful for them, we just see them as little, good moments to help boost our motivation and confidence in what we’re doing. Which is definitely what they could be, but they can also be successes in themselves.

So I encourage you to see the successes around you, even if that means that you don’t get feedback from others. Celebrate the success that you accomplished something on your to-do list, or that you posted something that you were scared of posting. The little successes matter too!

I gotta keep going. And so do you!


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