Ahh yes, I knew it would come…the day I would forget/just not blog. But I’m back! You can’t get rid of me so easily this time around!

Honestly, I tried to think of a topic yesterday, but I couldn’t. And then I remembered that this isn’t about finding topics to write about, but just about writing just to write. Some days there’ll be a serious topic, other days, it’s me just writing. 🤷🏽‍♀️ You’ll never know what you get til you click the link!

Plus, you guys get to read my thoughts on things, and even keep up with how I’m doing. Because I truly don’t see many people like that anymore due to trying to balance out being busy, still maintaining somewhat of a social life, and resting when I need to. And yesterday was a perfect example.

As I reflect on a day like yesterday, I truly don’t know how I did what I used to do back when I became an official adult. I’d work, I’d attempt to workout (somewhat), I’d cook, I’d schedule hang out times with friends and rarely have time to myself because I didn’t like to be alone or be in the house for a huge amount of time. I loved being out and about and on-the-go 95% of the time, that is, until my body finally had had enough, and shut down on me one Saturday afternoon in the middle of me hanging out with a friend, and she had to bring me home, and I just slept for hours after that.

Today though, you can catch me in the same 3 places most days out of the week – work, the gym, and my apartment. It’s pretty rare that I go out anymore on weeknights mostly because I work sort of late, and then once I’m out of the gym it’s already 8pm, and I get up at 5am every weekday so you tell me how much time I have left to do what I need to do, and get a somewhat good amount of sleep before I have to do it all over again the next day. 👀

The only time I’m out during the week is:

  1. Tuesdays because that’s sister date night with my sister
  2. If I’ve scheduled in advance a hangout/dinner with a friend
  3. An event to network/enjoy myself/support a friend
  4. Practicing for an event

I say ALL of that to basically say: balancing is hard. Having to say “yes” and “no” to certain things is hard. And I find that once I figure out a good balance in my schedule and routine, something else gets thrown in the mix for me to stay on my toes and keep balancing.

It can be hard (for me, personally) not to complain when things don’t go as planned or “on schedule,” or they don’t stay in routine. It’s good to keep the balancing muscle working; otherwise, life would be the same ole, same ole, and we’d be bored out of our minds, and longing for new, exciting things.

So when a day (more like afternoon) like yesterday happens and I’m jumping from one thing to the next (work, working out, shower, basketball game, drop sissy off) without any sort of breathing room, and then finally landing in my apartment later than I’d expected, and then getting to bed later than I wanted to, and then I realize I never posted a blog because I spent that time talking to coworkers at work, and just bonding with them…

…I really have to sit back, and just be grateful for the time I had, and embrace the “imbalance” of my routine. Sure, I may be a little more tired today (pass the coffee please 🥴☕️) and I didn’t blog yesterday, but I did so much and had so much fun doing it. I got to see and talk to people I love and care about. I was still able to get a workout in when I normally skip on Tuesdays. I got to see a good friend play basketball, and his team win another game 🙌🏽

There can be beauty in the imbalance of things, in the rushing from place to place, and unplanned conversations. You can go to bed knowing you lived a full day of your life, grateful and blessed by all you did and experienced!

What are your initial reactions to your schedule/routine not going as planned? Do you feel rushed, agitated, frustrated? What beautiful things can you see and feel in the imbalanced moments of your life?

Mishy 🦋

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