last minute log.

Well, I’ve reached about the last 45 minutes of the day to try to write something here 😅 Honestly, if there’s anything I need to work on during this time, it’s waking up earlier. By the time I wake up these days, some good daylight hours have already been spent…and I’m drinking my coffee at like 1pm 😭 and that’s no good!

My sleep schedule has just been so off ever since I’ve gone from strict routine to none. I’ve tried several times to gain a good routine, but I feel like each day brings something new, and I’m forced to move things around more.

Honestly, today’s theme was Naruto Shippuden 😄 I’ve been watching episodes with my boyfriend whenever we eat together, and he downloaded the latest Storm 4 game on the XBOX, and he’s been teaching me how to play it.

If I’m honest, I’m a pretty bad sore loser when it comes to fighting games. I always feel like people expect me to do poorly at them, and when I do, I feel like I’ve proved them right, and I wanna be able to win at least a couple of rounds LOL 😂 So, I’ve practiced against the computer several times, and I guess we’ll just have to see if I can best my boyfriend in the upcoming days 😅

But the show is just SO GOOD. I’m glad we started watching it again; it’s just got so much character development and different characters introduced with different missions. I’m hoping we can get deep into it, maybe even finish it with the time we’ve got these days.

Other than Naruto-themed things, I was able to video chat with a couple of people – a student of mine I haven’t seen in 3 weeks, and a newly found friend who I’ll be collaborating with soon! 🙌🏽 Some awesome things are coming out of this time, even if there are moments of stir-craziness.

What is something you’re getting into more as time passes on? Is it a show, a game, a new hobby? Who have you been able to contact now that you’ve got the time?

Mishy 🦋🤍

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