“with us.” (PRAYER)

Happy Monday, luvvies!

How’s your day been? My day was pretty productive: had a Zoom meeting with my class, started week 2 on this 6-week home workout plan I started, made sushi…and here I am on the blog!

Yesterday for our church service, the pastors discussed how the church can be praying for our city during this time with the tornadoes having gone through a week ago, and the coronavirus situation still happening. One of the things we prayed for was the reminder that God is still with us during these times, even if He may feel distant, and I wanted to share what I wrote during that prayer time with you all!

Because I feel like, despite the jokes about being quarantined and whatnot, and also those of us who are simply complaining because we’re getting cabin fever, there are really people who are having a seriously hard time being isolated and alone through all of this. There are many who are still asking where God is in the midst of this too; how He can seem so silent as days and weeks and now months are going by, and we’re all still at home. I know I’ve had moments where the thoughts in my head just seemed to be way too loud and overwhelming; I felt like the light seemed way out of reach.

But these are the words I felt the Holy Spirit push out of me yesterday morning during that time of prayer:

Even in times of confusion,
Amidst conversations in which we try to understand,
You stand by us, You are with us.
Although we may not recognize You, or
May not be able to feel You,
Your Presence remains.
While we ask where You are in the midst of chaos, You
Gently place Your loving Hand upon us.
You whisper in the quiet and the violent noise,
“I am Emmanuel. I am with you.”
May we feel You, and not just that,
But let us believe You past the feelings for they can be fleeting.
Let us have faith that when we can’t see: You are there,
When we don’t feel: You are there,
And You will never leave us, You
Constantly surround us.
Emmanuel, Emmanuel.
That is still Your Name!
Help us not to just pin or stick that to you during Christmas time, but to
Carry it with us, to see You near in every season.

“with us.” – written on Sunday, April 20, 2020

I pray these words can remind and encourage you tonight, and through the rest of this time! Much love you y’all! πŸ’™

Mishy πŸ¦‹

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