Let’s talk about support.

Do you truly feel supported in what you do, or what you’re working towards? No matter what, I believe it takes a strong support system behind someone to get them to continue on their journey to doing what they love or long to do, whether it’s finishing school, a career goal, a dream, etc. Because the process of getting there isn’t always easy; there will be moments where you may feel like giving up, but you need people in your life to urge you to keep going!

How can you tell a good support group from a poor one?

#1: They keep you accountable.

You know your support group is a good one when they won’t leave you alone about what you’re working towards. It might even get annoying at times, especially if you’re at a low point in your process. But they won’t allow you to give up just because things get difficult, or because there were a few roadblocks. They’ll keep you focused when you start to veer off track. They’ll keep it real with you if they see that you’re holding back. They are your accountability partners!

#2: They’re genuinely happy for you!

It can be easy for others to feel jealous about opportunities that are coming your way for many different reasons. But your support group will be genuinely happy that you’re finally seeing the fruits of your labor! You won’t have to feel like telling them about your successes will make them feel some type of way…the only way it’ll make them feel is GOOD! πŸ™ŒπŸ½

#3: They help without asking.

I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel awesome when friends of mine or my family repost poetry or blogs I’ve written, and share photos I’ve taken or been in or just little words of advice I’ve given. And it feels even better when they do it without me having to ask them to!

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly fine to seek help, and to express that! That’s how a lot of things can happen. But your support group can and will see that something needs to get done, and they’ll do it. Not flawlessly every single time (because nobody’s perfect), but most of the time!

#4: Everyone supports everyone!

The exchange within the group you’re in is positive. You all support each other’s goals with the same amount of energy and enthusiasm, playing no favorites. Each person inspires the other, and is able to encourage whenever the time comes!

levels of support

I definitely believe there’s levels to this ish. Because each person’s intentions for supporting someone can be different! You may know someone extremely well, along with understanding the purpose behind what they’re working towards, and that is why you support them! Or, maybe your heart is just for specific types of businesses and companies, so you choose to support any that are similar to your interests!

Something that a friend of mine also mentioned that I think is so true is “support language” like love one person receives and gives support! Whoever came up with that phrase is genius!

So, in all this, where do you fit? If you’re a business owner, what do you need your supporters to do to feel like your business is being assisted? Maybe it’s sharing on social media, maybe it’s having people go out to events where you’ll be, maybe it’s people spending their money on your product.

If you’re a supporter, what are the best ways that you give support? It doesn’t always have to be money or time; with social media, it literally only takes a second to share, to click, or to subscribe. It may not be genuine support (meaning, the person isn’t following every single thing your business is doing, and supporting in different ways, or aren’t connected to the message of the brand/person as a whole), but a simple share or review could get someone more traffic, be it social media or physical customers! Maybe your way of giving support is checking up on your friend and her business, and seeing if she needs anything done, or if she’s emotionally and mentally handling everything well. That’s support too! πŸ™ŒπŸ½

The beauty about support is that there are SO many ways to give and to receive it. So, in my opinion, there’s really only one or two excuses for someone to not support someone else or their business, and those are if they don’t like the business/aren’t interested in it, or if they don’t desire for the person/business to gain support and grow. And that may sound harsh, but I believe it to be true πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

But let’s aim to really stay behind the people and businesses and brands that we support, whatever that looks like! Because another wonderful thing about support is that it’s a cycle: you support someone, and then maybe that same person or someone else supports you, and it just keeps going on and on.

What are some brands/businesses/people you love to support? How do you love to support them? What is your support language? How do you deal with sometimes feeling like you don’t have enough support?

Mishy πŸ¦‹πŸ§‘

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