snowball effect.

It’s crazy how I said I would “stay the course” on this blogging every day thing, and then went a whole week without blogging 🥴

It wasn’t intentional; sort of a “one thing led to another” type deal. One day I didn’t blog because I was so busy, then went out with my friends, so by the time I got home, it was already… the next day. Then I had a 3-day weekend which consisted of me cleaning and organizing, then relaxing because I was tired of doing that.

Before I knew it, that was 4 days without blogging. Then, my week began. I cried after the first day back at work because it was just awful, so I relaxed , or tried to in some way (the hot water ran out before my tub could fill, and I was not happy about it). Then fill in my days with working out, tutoring, editing papers, attempting to edit a podcast episode…and now I’m here.

A snowball effect caused by the busyness of my life.

I’ll be honest and say that it’s difficult to not feel discouraged that I missed a whole week of blogging, and now I’ll have to start all over. But, I’d rather begin again than give up. The whole reason I stopped blogging every day years ago was probably due to something like this happening – one event after another, one missed day followed by another, then another.

I’m giving myself grace, and telling myself that it’s okay to miss a day or two or a week of blogging. It doesn’t mean I can’t be consistent again. And it doesn’t mean that if I miss another day or week that this wasn’t cut out for me. It just means I need to stay disciplined. Maybe blog at a different time and not RIGHT before the clock strikes twelve on the next day.

I’m not perfect, which means this blog isn’t either, and that means my consistency is consistent with being imperfect.

But, I’ll still carry on.

Mishy 🦋

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