still a poet.

I had this I thought after the first month of 2023 ended: “I hadn’t written AT ALL this year!”

Which, if you’ve been following me on my blog here recently, is not true. I’ve been writing here! But I guess I meant more so I hadn’t been writing any poetry. And for someone who claims to go by “The Butterfly Poet,” I feel that it’s my obligation to crank out at LEAST one poem a day, and that just hasn’t been happening.

Lately, I’ve still been figuring out the best routines for myself, trying to find more ways to make more money, motivating myself to create certain content I have set out on my calendar. I feel bad that the only writing I’ve made a priority is this blog.

But honestly, if I wasn’t writing here, I most likely would be writing poetry in my journals soooo now’s the time to find the balance of both because I want to do both! And really, the thought came across my mind that maybe I wasn’t a poet anymore just because I hadn’t worked on anything poetic lately, which isn’t true.

I’ve had this discussion with myself and my fellow creatives before: just because you stop doing something, and start pursuing something else, it doesn’t mean you are no longer interested in the first thing you began. There can be duality, really, more than that. I can be interested in multiple things at once, and focus in on a couple of them without feeling guilty for not working on the rest of my interests or hobbies.

Right now, though, I do feel more called to focus on my writing while I’m still trying to figure out some other things in regards to my other interests. Writing isn’t just something I want to do here, it’s really therapeutic for me as well, especially after the long days I usually have with work, then the gym and whatnot.

So yes…I’m all of the above! I’m a writer, blogger, model, fashionista, poet, influencer, etc. I will embrace all of these titles, and the hobbies that come with them!

Mishy 🦋

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