The Peace Party Turnaround

…I don’t know what just happened…

Actually, I do, but I don’t know how it happened…

I finally broke down. My emotions had built up so much over the past 2 weeks, that I finally cried them all out. I felt awful because I felt like I was being impatient with people. I wasn’t enthusiastic. I was tired. Like I said before, I wanted peace.

And I did ask God for peace today and that I could really focus on Him and drown out all the worries I was constantly thinking about. And, honestly y’all, it felt like even more of a struggle today to really rely on God and trust that everything was going to be okay. I was going throughout my day, telling people the truth about how I was feeling: I was tired, ready for spring break, ready for a “reset button.” (*SIDE NOTE: Be on the lookout for my blog series SPRING BREAK 2013: MASSACHUSETTS/NYC coming soon! It’s gonna be a BLAST! I might even do some vlogging {we’ll see…})

I’m not saying that God didn’t want to give me that peace or failed to give me that peace. When I first broke down though, I felt that God hadn’t helped me gain that peace at all. Sure, I talked with a couple of friends about my issues and stuff. But throughout the week, I had come so close to tears. But I sucked it all up…I didn’t want to cry, especially since I was in places that people could see me crying and then there would be sympathy, and I didn’t want people to think that I was looking for sympathy.

But after a good cry and rant to Bria (my best friend from high school) and Taylor (my roommate), I felt a small peace inside me. I just needed to let it all out. And both Taylor and Bria gave me some great advice that I plan on sticking to. I’ve told y’all this before, but I always need to be reminded of it: 

Trust. In. God.

If my situation goes my way or not, I need to trust that God’s plan is best for me. See, I’ve said this all before, but it’s always good to be reminded. So, forgive me for repeating what pretty much all of my blogs boil down to.

So, this is where the turnaround comes in…

As soon as my friends had comforted me and given me advice, the first things I said were: “Thanks, guys,” and “I want something juicy.”

“Oh, wait!” Taylor exclaimed, running to our fridge, “We could have…”

And she pulled out the sparkling grape juice that her boyfriend, Joshua, had given to her for Valentine’s Day. My tears were gone due to the fact that Bria and Taylor were making me laugh. And you best believe Bria, Taylor, and I popped open that bottle and drank most of it down as we danced to Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, Jay Sean, and other various artists. We toasted and the whole sha-bang. 

Then our other hallmate, Megan, came in to join the fun, and Room 422 (my and Taylor’s room) became a dance party. We were kinda nervous because it was already quiet hours and we were being obnoxiously loud because of the music and laughter. But surprisingly, no one came in and told us to shut up. 

So, we continued dancing, jamming, and having a good time.

And you know what? That was the first time I had felt some peace. I was dancing like no one was watching, singing my lungs out, eating apples, sipping sparkling grape juice, and DJ-ing up a STORM! 😀 It was such a great time. 
Sure, it wasn’t a “spiritual experience,” where I was sitting there in the pits of despair and I saw the light and realized, “Wow, God is here.”

But it was a time when I realized that God had blessed me with such great friends and great times we had. Those blessings outdo ALL of my worries and troubles and awful emotions. And it gave me peace.

And I am so thankful.

And the party’s still going on! Imma sign off and join my friends so we can end the night with a BANG! 

Love y’all so much! God is continually teaching me and showing me things each day and I pray that He does the same for you as well!

Back to the party! Peace out! ❤ (^^)

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