I’ve got the Joy and Peace that Passes Understanding Down in my Heart

Y’all. Yesterday was… ❤

I woke up and just had the joy of Jesus in my heart. I have no idea what in the world happened. The night before, I was explaining to Corinne, my big sis here at Covenant, that I had one night of peace, but even after that, I couldn’t help but constantly think about other things and other people and it was stressing me out. 

But then the next day…my attitude changed completely.

I was so happy I danced around in my room to KPOP music, something I hadn’t done in forever (yes, Friday night I had a dance party, but it wasn’t to happy KPOP music!) I wore blue (when do I not?!), but I just looked at myself in the mirror and was super confident in who I was…and Whose I was.

God gave us a BEAUTIFUL day on the mountain! The sun was shining, and it was a little chilly, but not so much that we had to wear hoodies even! I wore sunglasses for the first time in ages yesterday!! 🙂

I walked around and smiled and talked to people even more. I felt like I could skip around and sing and dance all day. It was just so great! 

I went to Starbucks with Caylin, Corinne, and Bria and got ahead in my math homework.

Let me repeat that: I got ahead in my math homework

Now, THAT’S something I’d never thought I’d say in A MILLION YEARS!!!

Then we went to Walmart and got some snacks for our 20-hour spring break road trip. I’m so pumped!!! We’re leaving Thursday night instead of Friday so we can go to Caylin and Corinne’s cousin’s (did you follow me there?) basketball tournament on Friday and Saturday. It’s gonna be so exciting!!! (So, keep you eyes peeled {…or don’t cause that’s kinda gross LOL :P} I’ll write my 1st SPRING BREAK 2013: MASS/NYC TRIP post on Thursday night either when we hit the road or when we stop at the hotel!)

All-in-all, I had even more JOY and even more PEACE yesterday than I’ve had in the past couple of weeks. I mean, sure, I was still slightly thinking about the things I’d been constantly worrying about, but they weren’t bad thoughts. They were concerned thoughts, thoughts that didn’t worry me because I knew and I still know that God has them in His hands, and that He has good things planned for me.

I was on Facebook this morning, and I saw a post my friend Jung put up that explained EXACTLY my current situation:

“God often comforts us, not by changing the circumstances of our lives, but by changing our attitude toward them.”


And so true! Because my circumstances hadn’t changed at all yesterday, but God was merciful and gracious enough to help me change my attitude toward everything that was going on in my life. 

And guess what? That joy and peace I felt yesterday has stayed in my heart today as well! I feel so filled and I can’t wait to fill up even more as I read my Bible and talk to God and see what He has to say to me today!

Whatever you’re going through, you’re able to still have a joy and peace in your heart that passes all understanding. God wants your attitude to be positive, knowing that He has everything under control. Does that mean that we’ll never struggle again or that even with the peace and joy in our hearts everything will always be okay? Of course not.

But being confident in who you are, Whose you are, and that He has so many good things in store for you and is walking with you through the good, the bad, and the ugly can really change your perspective about life.

I pray that, whether you’ve had a crappy or amazing few weeks, that you’ll realize how much God cares for you and that that will make you so joyful and give you so much peace!

4 more days ’til spring break for me y’all! However many weeks you have, I pray that they’ll go by quickly for you and that you’ll work your hardest and have an awesome, restful break as your reward! You can do all things through Christ!!! (^^)

Love ya! ❤

*~. Mishy .~* 

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