Hello, hello!

Today we went to BOSTON!!! We took the train into town (it took like an hour and a half) and immediately started to look around for historical stuff. I’ve got TONS of pictures from Boston. I mean, it’s insane.


Our first official stop was Chinatown. It was really close to the train station, so we walked around a bit, and stopped to get some lunch.

Corinne and her “bubble shake” YUM (^^)

That miso soup and ginger salad

The Lunch Teriyaki Special

Wandering Around…

Some pics of us wandering, trying to find our way…


LOL, it seems we’ve been in a habit of getting lost, y’all…

So, we tried to find our way to the Freedom Trail so we could see Paul Revere’s house, his grave, the Old North Church (I was close yesterday, y’all! haha), and some other historical stuff. But man…we walked around for like an hour and a half trying to find the freakin Freedom Trail!

We were using the GPS on Bria’s phone, but then her phone had 5% battery so we were kinda guessing. Finally, after walking around in circles for a while, we decided to hail a taxi. Here’s a picture of Bria hailing it for us.

So Bria got us a taxi, and as soon as we got in it, I remembered why I was so against hailing one in the first place.

You see, I have nothing against taxi drivers. I mean, that’s how they make a living. But dude…I would like for the driver to at least try to be entertaining or something while we’re riding. Really, when it comes down to it, it’s all about the money. And that’s one reason why I didn’t want to take one…because it’s expensive.

Another reason is because I just don’t feel comfortable in them. Sure, in the movies, you’ve got the friendly or hilarious taxi driver and the inside of the cab is nice and clean. Real life? Haha, yeah, not so much.

I’m just thankful we got there safely, despite the fact that our driver drove us around in circles like 3 times. 

We saw Paul Revere’s grave (even his wife’s grave) and passed by a million Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks and other stores, some that we’d seen or heard of before and other we hadn’t. It was a really great experience.

Paul Revere’s gravestone (so unreadeable 😦 )

Mrs. Revere’s gravestone (also unreadable)

Old City Hall

We continued down the Freedom Trail, and I think we were trying to see the 1st public school. Or maybe we were trying to do that before we got into the taxi…I can’t remember, y’all, it was a long day, plus I’ll have to share some news with y’all a little later…

So somehow, we made it to Fahnuiel Hall and there were tons of gift shops and restaurants around. They had a North Market and a Quincy Market, and we went into both. It was so great, but because it was Boston, it was so expensive. 😛

Walking around Fanuiel Hall got our appetites up, so we stopped at a place called Ames Plow Tavern. I really wanted to go to The Lansdowne, but by this time, we were all just really happy we were able to walk around places and sort of find our way around. All we wanted was food and a place to sit down for a while.

But Ames Plow was still good. There was NO ONE in there when we were there and it was really nice to sit in a quiet place where the waiter was just focused on us, so there was no wait.

Caylin playing Pacman. She won too! 🙂

Bria, eating her first burger in MONTHS!

And once we exited the tavern, the sky was this pretty shade of pink and blue and yellow…I don’t know if you can see it really well in the picture though…

Then after that we took a taxi to the South Station, got some Pinkberry frozen yogurt, hopped on the train, and went back to West Boylston. It was an adventurous, long, fun, exhausting day. 

Geez, it took me 2 days to post about our Boston trip! Sorry about that, y’all…it’s been a crazy couple days. My next post will explain why. I think I’ve rattled enough nonsense for y’all here…

Love y’all!
*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

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