SB 2013 DAY 5, Part 1: Not What We Expected…

So, many of you are wondering, “Wait, weren’t you supposed to be going to NYC sometime this week? I mean, Boston is awesome too, but NYC is where it’s at!”

Haha, well, it’s funny you should mention it…it’s kind of a long story…

You Givin’ Me a Hint?

My Pa (stepdad) called me the morning we were leaving for Boston and was asking questions about how we were getting to NYC. We had all been going back and forth on the transportation issue–first we were taking a bus, then we were driving, then we were taking a train, and then Frank was driving us into town and parking next to the theater. I told him that we would talk about it later after we got home from Boston, and he told me a little about the weather that would be here on Wednesday, the day we were going to NYC.

A part of me felt like this was going to lead to conflict: either my Pa was going to disagree with us driving in or something else. I mean, I wasn’t mad at Pa, but I felt like this always happened, ya know? I really didn’t want to think about anything but us going to NYC and having a great time.

Well, after our whole day in Boston, Pa called me again, but I was upstairs and I missed his call. Caylin told me that he called and I called him back. And this is what he said…

Should We Stay or Should We Go?

There was supposed to be some really bad snow storms coming through, starting in NYC and heading up to where we were. He really advised that I not go. A part of me was upset…because the whole reason we were up here was to go to NYC. 

I told my friends, and they really didn’t want to stay home either. Pa was telling me that if we all stayed, he would reimburse all of us from buying those Broadway tickets. Knowing my Pa, he usually doesn’t get bad feelings like this. If I were in high school, I would be so mad at him. I would think that he’s trying to squish my fun.

But I know Pa better than that now. And if he’s really concerned about my safety, I’m going to listen. So, I planned on not going and allowing my friends to go without me.

Frank suggested that we wait until morning to decide whether the weather was really going to be bad or not. Which was fine with me…I was going to stay even if they did say the weather was going to be clear. Unless they had some solid, super good evidence that the weather wasn’t going to be bad in NYC that night, I was going to stay.

And I mean, by that time, I didn’t mind staying. We’d been travelling to places nonstop ever since we left Covenant, and a day of just chilling at the house sounded super appealing to me. Not to mention, I’d get my money back, and UKISS’s new album was coming out in like 24 hours, so I would just use that money to get it (2-5 business days, y’all, and it will be in my hands. I’m so freakin excited! (^^) #BlasianKPOPfangirlprobz)

The Next Morning…

I didn’t toss and turn too badly that night. I was okay with not going to NYC with everyone else. I texted my parents and told them, “If I come out of this alive and well, I’ll be totally fine.” Sure, I would miss a great play on Broadway, but at least I knew for certain that I would be alive.

“Guys, the weather’s good, and we’re going to New York!” Caylin exclaimed the next morning. I slowly crawled out of my sheets and grabbed my phone. It was about 10am, and I knew that everyone would be leaving soon.

But I had to call Pa and make sure the weather report was still the same. Which it was. And I told him I was planning on staying because I trusted his judgment. It meant a lot to him that I trusted him and that I wasn’t getting angry at the fact that I wasn’t going to NYC at all. 

I’m telling y’all, this was one of those moments when I realized how much I’ve  grown since high school. Seriously, if I were a high schooler and Pa called me and told me not to go, I would have thrown a fit. But knowing that Pa was warning me because he cared about my safety, but still leaving the decision up to me…I mean, I still can’t believe I handled that the way I did…

My mom called and told me that Bria’s grandmother had called, and that my mom had told her grandma that I wasn’t going, which made Bria’s grandma want Bria to stay behind with me (mostly for weather purposes, not because I was going to be by myself). 

I really didn’t want Bria to stay behind if she wanted to go to NYC. But Bria told me that she had already been thinking of staying because she knows my Pa doesn’t freak out about many things and also, she knows he’s lived in NYC for a year and knows the weather up here. So, we’d both decided on staying. And I was totally fine with that.

Caylin comes down the stairs and says, “Ugh, they’re getting cold feet up there because y’all decided to stay!”

Bria and I pulled on sweatshirts and went upstairs, telling Corinne and Frank to not worry just because we were staying. But Aunty Madeline was even worried about how they were going to get back from NYC, and Frank had gotten calls from parents saying not to drive in the snow because it was going to be bad.

Long story short y’all, we all stayed in Mass.

I know it was disappointing for all of us because honestly, NYC was the main reason we came up here. But I am grateful that we got to go to Boston because I’d never been before. And we’d gone to so many places that I’d never been too.

NYC is still in the US, so we can always go…it’s places like the Philippines, Japan, and Korea that we need to take chances on! (I want to go so badly)

But yeah. No New York City on this spring break. Maybe next time… 

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