Spring Break 2013: The Wrap Up

Hey, guys.

As I type this, I am sitting on Shanae’s (Bria’s roommate) bed in Bria’s room back at Covenant. Yeah, we made it back safe and sound and we are EXHAUSTED. I don’t want to get back in a car for like 2 days tops, and I surely don’t want to spend anymore money ever, unless it’s truly important (such as buying shower stuff because you left all of it at Aunty Madeline’s. Yep. That was me…true story.)

Anyways, I’m just gonna give y’all a basic wrap up of what happened the last few days of Spring Break 2013. It went a little something like this…

Day 6: Chillin!

Finally. After getting in a car every day since last Thursday and going places nonstop, on Thursday Bria and I decided to stay at the house and just chill out. My body had been aching for the past couple of days, and honestly, I bet it was because of being constantly squished in a car daily.

Caylin and Corinne went thrift shopping with Aunty Madeline, which I knew that if I did, I would be tempted to buy stuff. And I surely could not pop any tags because I definitely did not have $20 in my pocket…(see what I did there?)

So, Bria and I hung out with AJ and Dominic, since they stayed home from school due to the snow storm. They made tuna for us, and we watched them as they made vinegar bombs and tried to blow them up outside in the snow. It was so hilarious. Boys will be boys! 😀

Then the boys left to go to Walmart, so Bria and I stayed behind and watched Shutter Island, since I’d never seen it before. And dang…that movie was so freakin tragic. I don’t know if I ever want to see it again. It was so devastating…

Not only that, but we watched The Village later on that night, an even more devastating movie that Aunty Madeline really wanted to watch. Ugh. I couldn’t take much more after that… 😛

Day 7: Dominic’s Birthday and Saying Goodbye

Dominic turned 14! It was nice to see the decorations his parents put up for him. It was also nice because he and AJ didn’t have to go to school again! So they got a 4-day weekend! 🙂

Corinne and I played in the snow with Dominic, AJ, and Copper. It was questionable whether we could leave or not because there was a foot of snow on the ground (it was so AMAZING!!!) and we weren’t exactly sure when the storm was going to stop. But after researching, we found out the storm would end at 2pm, so we decided to pack everything and leave then.

It was sad to say goodbye. Frank had to leave for work at 12pm, so we didn’t get a chance to say bye to him. I am very thankful and grateful that the Paladinos opened up their home to us. It was really fun getting to know them all. I hope to see them again in the future!

So, we hit the road around 2:15pm and continued driving until like 11pm. We stopped at a Comfort Inn in Harrisburg, PA to rest for some hours before getting up early the next morning and travelling the rest of the way back to Covenant.

Day 8: And here we are…

After driving and driving and driving, we are all finally back at Covenant, exhausted as ever and sort of happy to be back, yet longing to relive those days of relaxation and adventure. I’m glad we made it back today, though, so we still have a night and a full day to recover from our trip and to start focusing back on school once again. 😛

Staying up North brought me to a realization…I wouldn’t mind living up there. I always told myself that there’d be no way I would want to live there, except for NYC, but Mass and New Hampshire and all the tiny states around it have so much history. Caylin put it in a certain way, about how it was “stuck in time, but moving forward” or something like that. I loved how you could drive 15-20 minutes and you’d be in a different state! And, even though it’s always been said that people up North are more rude than people in the South, I didn’t see any of that while we were there. Of course, after what Caylin and Corinne told me, I didn’t wave and smile to people as much since apparently that’s weird to do in the North…but still!

So, there you have it…

That wraps up my SB 2013 blog series (if you can call it that…). Sorry for being so behind, but when you’re on vacation, plans can change in the blink of an eye and surprises are waiting for you at every corner. I hope you enjoyed reading about my spring break! And I hope that those of you who were also on spring break had an amazing, relaxing, adventurous time as well!

And as I sit here, contemplating whether to move myself from Shanae’s cozy bed, my fuzzy lime green blanket, and fluffy pillows and make myself some beef flavored Ramen, I know that I will have to prepare myself for the week ahead.
And, I forgot to mention this, but on the ride back here, many topics were brought up…about struggling, dreams coming true, finding your place in life. I pray that, as I try to hone my focus in on school, I also focus back in on my relationship with God. I will admit this…not once did I pick my Bible up during spring break. And that’s just sad to say. 😦 

I pray that I’ll get better at reading my Bible and listening to what God has to say to me, whether I’m on vacation or not.

Love y’all so much! 

*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

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