SB 2013 DAY 5, Part 2: Sturbridge Village, Burgers, and More Candy

So yeah, it sucked that we weren’t able to go to NYC…

But instead, we (including Frank) were able to go to Sturbridge Village museum that is an outside village, with live livestock and some people who actually “live” in the houses. All the buildings there came from different settlements in different states, but they were all legit buildings back in the 1800s, I think.

I have some pictures of that. Poor Corinne, her camera had no batter whatsoever. But hey, another plus side because it would’ve sucked if her camera wasn’t working in NYC.

Upstairs seating in the meeting house

SHEEP! LOL, Taylor’s been rubbing off on me
because now every time I see sheep, I freak out and
yell, “SHEEP!” XD


Chickens, escaping the barn! They followed us
to 2 more places haha

Yes, you read right…they used their own
urine to clean stuff… XP gross….

Cows! (Animals I know a friend of mine would love.
You know who you are! 😉 )

Frank, attempting to milk a “cow” 

An old printing press! My personal favorite part
of the entire village, me being a writer and all!

Frank, Frank…

Sturbridge Village was pretty fun. It wasn’t NYC, but it was still fun! 🙂

After that, we went to Wild Willy’s, a place with some really great burgers and fries, and then we made another stop at the penny candy store. And this time, I bought 40 Peachy-O’s. Yes. 40 of them. I love them that much because they are that good. 

We ended the day with watching My Strange Addiction and just chillin. I thought it was a pretty successful day, if I do say so myself. I’m just thankful that we were all together and we were all safe. 

AGH! I’m so behind on my spring break posts! And it kills me to think of how behind I am!

I love you all! Spring break is almost coming to a close, but I am so grateful for the time I’ve been able to have with some friends, going on adventures, experiencing new things, and getting some relaxation before heading back into all the schoolwork…

*Bites tongue* No. I will not speak of such things at this present moment. I won’t even think about it!

SNEAK PEEK of My Next Post (since I’m kinda behind LOL :P):

  • Staying home: the 1st day I didn’t get in a car and go somewhere but just sat at the house and chilled
  • Snowed in Maybe?: I took a good, long look out of the window before heading to our room and it looked like one of those designed, Christmas cards…the ones with inches of snow covering the ground and everything else…
*~.MiShY.~* (^^) ❤

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