Easter Break: A Time to Work…and a Time to Rest


So, today officially marked the beginning of Easter break. And this is the first time I wasn’t excited as much for a break. Why? 2 tests, a project, and catching up on work hours is why…

What kind of break is this? I’m gonna be hauling trash out of the back of Founders, running up and down halls to make sure there’s toilet paper and paper towels, and when I’m not doing that, I’ll be sitting somewhere (probably my room) creating a honeycomb and studying for a math test and an Old Testament test.

Save me now. Summer 2013, come QUICKLY.

For weeks, I’d been dreading break, knowing how much work I’d have to put into everything. I mean, I’d have to work on stuff for HOURS, and I was already discouraging myself in the work I would produce before I even started.  Not a good start at all.

I worked for 4 hours today and managed to slip in one of Balcony’s bathrooms while wet-systeming, causing me to land on my wrist (ouch) and to get my butt wet by landing on it as well. Thankfully, no one was around to watch. I myself started to laugh afterwards, which only made things worse…

“Where’s that laughter coming from?”

*looks in the bathroom to find me holding a squeegee and chuckling slightly to myself. Widens eyes and leaves the bathroom door awkwardly*

“Okay then…”

Yeah, that’s pretty much how I imagine it being played out…

But anyways, after work, I ate dinner with Caylin and Corinne and then we headed to Starbucks to start some homework or watch some shows or to check on the status of classes. I attempted to read some literature, Corinne began her youth min. homework, and Caylin watched Glee.

I was sort of enjoying myself. I mean, I had a java chip frapp, KPOP blaring in my ears, and reading a weird play about a man and his romantic relationship with his washing machine (what?!). But then I looked at the statuses of the classes I was planning on taking next semester…

…and got a little more stressed out as I checked class after class. I will say that thankfully, not all of my classes were full. But a good many of them were, like the ones I was really excited to take or the ones I really wanted to get out of the way.

The Bad News: 3 or more classes were either completely full or would be guaranteed full by the time I would register (April 2)

The Good News: this means I get to take my grandpa’s class next semester. But shhh…don’t tell! I wanna see if I can surprise him! 🙂

Another piece of good news is that this gave me an opportunity to look at other classes that I either needed or wanted to take and see if they were open. I might just have to end up taking CHOW with Davis instead of Barham…which is disappointing, but I really just need to get that class out of the way.

So, I got a lot of stuff for classes accomplished and then we headed back up the mountain, got all comfy in our pj’s, and watched Footloose (the latest version). It was okay. I’m not a big fan of it. The dancing (well, the dancing that wasn’t provocative) was really good, but most of the movie really didn’t grab me, probably because a lot of the time the girls weren’t acting appropriate and the situations were just not…no.

But, it was good to just sit with Caylin and Corinne and sort of escape from all of the things that were creeping up at the back of my mind. And I finally feel a peace inside me, even though I know there’s work to be done during this break. I feel like I could conquer the world haha!

And I thank God for giving that peace to me. Yes, I am weak, and my abilities to do my best in my schoolwork are weak as well. But because Christ is with me and is giving me strength, I know I will get through this. I am ready! (^^)

Also, while I am ready to conquer this butt-load of homework and projects and taking out the trash, I know that there is a time to work…but there is also a time to rest. And I plan on doing an even amount of both during break so I don’t stress myself out. My best is all I can give. And I intend to do that.

If I don’t rest, I won’t remember the most important part of this break: 

Remembering that Jesus died for my sins on the Cross at Calvary and rose again 3 days later. He did that for me and for you.

So, I my brain constantly reminds myself of all the things I need to do, my heart constantly reminds myself to take a break from all those things to give thanks to my Lord and Savior for what He did for me. And I pray that, if you have lots of stuff going on in your life as well, that you would take a breather to remember Jesus’ great love for you and His great sacrifice.

Happy Easter Break! And Happy Spring Break to some of y’all out there! Love you all bunches! Tomorrow is FRIDAY, so even if you’re not on break, you’re so close to the WEEKEND! YOU CAN DO IT THROUGH CHRIST!!!

*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

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