So Close

Several things…

  1. Read my friend Marinah’s blog about Preview Weekend. Seriously. She’s the best. And I’m just as excited about Preview Weekend as her because my family is coming as well (fingers crossed my sis is stayin in my room!) You can read Marinah’s blog here:
  2. I should be studying and not blogging. Jones’ Old Testament test is tomorrow and there’s a butt-load of material that I need to look over before then…wait, it’s already “tomorrow” (12:06am, currently). And I still need to finish reading the book of Numbers…
  3. There’s like A MONTH of Freshman Year left. Yes. We’ve come so far. We’ve gotten used to Great Hall food (well, maybe…), challenging classes and assignments, awkward situations, crazy events, and we now know the “I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!” chant to yell at all the sports events. But we will no longer be able to be the naive freshman who have no clue what’s going on…we will have to be the sophomores who know what’s up. Well, I think we can handle it. All I can say is, “SUMMER 2013 COME QUICKLY!”
Honestly y’all, I had a meltdown yesterday. I could see all of my assignments and tests piling up before me and I could just feel the tension of perfectionism rise in my chest. I wanted to do well in these last weeks. I needed to do well in these last weeks. And yet, I felt so behind on everything: works, assignments, studying, even cleaning my room!

You’re probably thinking that I’m being so stupid for blogging and not studying right now, but honestly, I need a break. I’ve been staring at those StudyBlue notecards with the words “God” “covenant” and “outline for such and such book of the Bible” for way too long. Time for a little writing.

I called my parents with my frustrations of school. I was so done. I didn’t want to do anything anymore. I just wanted to go home and enjoy the warm weather. I was tired (still am) and really just needed a “Pa hug” (my stepdad gives the best hugs for things like this!). 

But, as good parents should do, my parents encouraged me that these last weeks would fly by faster than I felt they would. Sure, I’d have to jump through more hoops (“assignments.” ugh.), but as I jumped through them, I’d just be getting closer and closer to summer.

And Pa told me that it would be better for me to finish off well so summer is my reward than for me to do poorly and have the school “kick me out” for summer. 

After shedding a few frustrated tears, hearing my parents’ advice, taking a few deep breaths, and asking God to seriously give me strength this last month of school, I could feel the confidence rise within me. And immediately I began working on my math project and got pretty far on it, I must say.

Covenant students, we’re so close. SO CLOSE. Hang in there. And know that you’re not in this alone. We have each other, but more importantly, we have a Savior Who cares about what we’re going through. Yes, He even cares about the 2 tests, project, and paper you have due in one week. He is by your side through it all!

So, if you feel like a friend of yours is completely swamped or you know a classmate of yours is struggling to keep a grade up in a certain class, don’t hesitate to encourage them! Let them know that we’re all in this together (yes, I reluctantly just quoted High School Musical) and that we’re gonna make it! 🙂

Well, sayonara! I gotta finish reading Numbers AND keep studying! Will this be my first all-nighter?


*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

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