1 Week!

Tonight marks one week of me being back home! And it’s been such a great week!

There’s been tons of relaxing, but also adventures as well. I already relayed to you my eventful Sunday afternoon with my Pa and sister, Kae’sha. The days that followed consisted of waking up late, starting to watch TV shows from season 1, figuring out how to work out at home (oh, how I’ve missed the Covenant gym!), picking up my sisters from school, talking to my high school teachers, etc.

Out of all the days, Friday was the most eventful. Mom and I went to Starbucks after dropping my sisters off at school. Mocha cookie crumbles are BACK and I am as excited as ever!!! They’re my favorite frappuccinos! 

The GOOD NEWS: I had my 1st mocha cookie crumble frapp and it gave me my 30th star. So, I am now on a GOLD status with Starbucks and my Gold Card should be coming in the mail in 30 days or so. Excited. 

The BAD NEWS: I only have $1.54 left on my card. And I was supposed to have enough for the months of April and May. Oops…looks like it’ll be a bit before I get another mocha cookie crumble frapp! (unless someone wants to be generous haha)

After having breakfast at Starbucks, we headed over to Tybee Island for the SCAD Sand Art Festival. It was so nice to be on the beach again after living on a mountain for 9 months. I used to be so annoyed about sand getting all over me and there being WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE IN ONE AREA. But I loved every moment I spent on Tybee beach. Smelling the salty ocean, seeing the people build sand sculptures, walking along the shore with my mom and hearing the *crunch, crunch* of shells underneath our feet as we talked about Flashpoint, and feeling the perfect ocean breeze that cooled us off from the hot sun. Perfect.

After spending a good three or four hours at the beach, Mom and I met Pa at a newly built Chik-fil-A and had lunch. Another great time. It felt different eating with just my mom and Pa. Sure, I’m still their daughter, but I’ve grown up so much more than from the last time we saw each other. And so, our conversations were different, more mature. They told me more now because I guess they trusted that I could handle it. 

After Chik-Fil-A, Mom and I went to Target and walked around for a bit before we had to pick Annabelle up from school. Kae’sha had gone on a camping trip with her marine biology class, so we wouldn’t see her until the next day. We picked Annabelle up and headed home so I could get ready to hangout with a few friends from high school.

Obviously, Bria was gonna be there and my Korean “brother” Daniel and McKall would be joining us! I was so excited! It’d been so long since we’d seen each other. And we all had such a great time together! We ate dinner at Masato’s (Daniel knows the owner), had froyo at Lovin’ Spoons, and went to see The Great Gatsby at the Regal. The Great Gatsby was such a GREAT MOVIE! GO SEE IT! GO SEE IT! Today it took every fiber in my being to not call everyone “Ole Sport.” (Oh, Leo DiCaprio, you’ve cast your charming spell on me LOL) ;D

Daniel, being the generous person he is, paid for dinner and froyo for everyone. That saved all of us a lot of money! So nice of Daniel to treat the poor college kids LOL! 😀

The movie ended at like 12:30am, and Daniel still had to drop all of us off. So, I didn’t get home until 1:30am, and didn’t get to bed until 2am. Needless to say, I slept in this morning and it felt GREAT! 🙂 Then I really didn’t do anything today.

So, I’ve been blessed with a great first week back home! It’s crazy to think that I only have 2 more weeks here. In those two weeks, Kae’sha will have finals, I’ll be going to some appointments (I need new glasses!!), Kae’sha will graduate (my sister is coming to college with me! AAHH!), and then we’ll be packing our bags to head out to Cali! Exciting!!!!

I hope you all are doing well! Those who are done with school, I hope you’re having a fun and relaxing summer! Those still in school, don’t worry! You’re so, so close to finishing! Keep up the good work! Finish strong! You can do it!

Oh, and DO. NOT. FORGET…

Tomorrow’s MOTHER’S DAY!!! Make a card, get some flowers, treat your moms to something special!! 🙂

*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

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