*KPOP: The Reactions I Get

Wow. I haven’t put up a post about KPOP in a while. Some of you probably thought of it as a relief. Others might have been disappointed.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to let y’all suffer through many posts of KPOP just to catch up. That’d be asking too much of you! 😀 But I’m still writing at least one post about it…maybe two…so, here goes…

You know I love KPOP…

During the school year, I had UKISS and 2PM posters and other posters of KPOP I drew over the summer on my wall in my dorm room. My desk was decorated with UKISS and 2PM albums (mostly UKISS). I’ve got tons of KPOP artists on my iPod and, if I’m bored, you might see me with my laptop watching KPOP MVs. Heck, my laptop and cell phone backgrounds are covered in KPOP bands! (^^) There are so many KPOP groups out there!!! So many to listen to, to fangirl over haha!

You ever wonder what reactions I get when people see the posters, the albums, the Korean letters on my iPod, the MVs I watch? LOL, really, the reactions vary…

For Example…

The question of what type of music one listens to always comes up in a conversation, whether it’s the first time meeting someone or someone approaches you while you’re wearing your headphones and he’s wondering what you’re listening to. 

So let me set the stage for you. Let’s say I’m in the library working on math homework, my giant blue headphones blaring “Stop Girl” by UKISS into my ears. Someone I kind of know walks up to me to say hi, and we talk for a bit about our day or how busy we are. 

“What are you listening to?” the person asks, once there’s really nothing else to talk about.

I put on a smile (and usually it’s a, “Oh no, here we go again…” smile) and say, “KPOP.”

I get several reactions…

A. The person nods his head in that “Well, everyone has different tastes” way and proceeds to walk away while saying, “Oh.”, “Fun.”, “Hmm.”, or sometimes “Awesome!” (but really, he’s thinking in his head, “Abort! Abort! Say something, smile, and walk away!”)

B. The person scrunches his face and asks, “What’s KPOP?!” and I proceed to tell them what it is, maybe by showing him some MVs. And either…

      1. …it grows on him, even if he is a little confused about the things that are happening or what the people are wearing and he asks what my favorite groups are and is actually considering checking it out

      2. … he gets even more weirded out and walks away as fast as he can. And I most likely might not have contact with that person ever again (maybe because he tries to avoid me? who knows LOL…)

C. The person scrunches his face, but this time to say, “Blech, KPOP sucks! “

D. The person smiles and says excitedly, “Oh my gosh, I LOVE KPOP!” and we proceed to talk about our fave groups, the latest gossip about the groups, which MVs are better than others, etc., etc., etc.

Rarely does reaction D happen. Thankfully, there are girls on my hall who love KPOP too, so I can talk to them about it. And my roomie has gotten used to listening to my KPOP playlist enough to kind of hum some of the songs. Not to mention I actually got a guy friend of mine who usually listens to hard rock music to like it (imagine that!)

All I ask of you is this: please PLEASE don’t say you listen to KPOP when all you’ve ever listened to is “Gangnam Style” or “Gentleman” by Psy. Psy is KPOP, yes, but he isn’t all there is to KPOP.

Am I saying that you have to watch every single MV and interview by a KPOP artist; buy all their albums, posters, and t-shirts; and stand on the Overlook and scream, “I LOVE KPOP!!!”? Of course not.

Just don’t let me hear you say that you listen to KPOP and I look at your iPod and only see Psy in your artists. Let me see some UKISS, B.A.P, Super Junior, 2PM, and SHINee! Better yet, lemme see a KPOP artist I don’t even listen to so I can hear you talk about it! Don’t let me be the only one talking about it!

*Takes a deep breath* *Steps off of soap box*

Am I truly angry at the people who say that? No, of course not. Just disappointed that you don’t know so much about KPOP than I thought you did. But we can quickly change that! 😀 I’m seriously gonna try to review more KPOP albums and artists, and comebacks that happen when they happen. Sorry to those who aren’t crazy about KPOP. :/ 

If KPOP isn’t your cup of tea, that’s totally fine. I don’t plot revenge on those who say that KPOP sucks. I’m not here to start a KPOP revolution, I’m just here to share what I love with you all, and the humor that comes along with it.

Haha, have a great day or night, wherever you are! Thanks for reading my KPOP rant! Y’all are troopers! 🙂

Love y’all!
*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

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