*THIS JUST IN: New Pages on this Blog!

Yes, I realize I just posted something around this time last night. Trust me, this isn’t gonna be a regular thing…at least…I hope it won’t be…

Anyways, I just wanna make y’all aware of some changes that I made to the blog. I realize some of you are just interested in my posts more than in my life or whatever. I encourage you, though, to at least check out the “About Me” page. It’s the tab that says “About Me” right next to the “Posts” tab.

But there are some of you who are “blog explorers” who check out every page on a blog, and I wanna thank you for that! Bloggers seriously appreciate it!

Well, if you’ve already checked out my “About Me” page, I’ve added 2 more pages! SO EXCITING, right? 😀

The first new page is called “People Frequently Mentioned.” Ever randomly pick out one of my blog posts, read a name in it, and wonder, “Who the heck is she talking about?” Or maybe you’ve been actively reading every one of my posts and you keep seeing one name appear in almost every post and, despite my attempts at explaining, you still don’t get who this person is and why he/she is important to the post and to my life. Well, your questions are answered in this very page. 

*Here’s where I ask for your cooperation on this page…

Right now, I only have 5 mini-bios of frequently mentioned people or “PFMs”. If there’s name that you’ve seen frequently in my posts that I didn’t put on this page, please comment their name below and I’ll make sure to add their name and a mini-bio of them in the PFM page! Don’t be shy…if you wanna know who someone is, say something! (^^)

The second new page is titled “Blog and Youtube Links.” I’ve mentioned a few friends having blogs or Youtube channels in some of my posts, and I’ve attached the links to them in those posts. Well, not everyone reads those exact posts with the links in them, so I created a separate page that has all of my friends’ blogs and Youtube channel links on it.

*Here’s where I ask for your cooperation again…

If you enjoy reading my blog, I ask that you please try to read some of my friends’ blogs as well. I actually think the majority of that page is blog links. My best friend, my roomie, and other great friends of mine have thoughts about ALL SORTS of topics in this world! They are great writers, and I encourage you to, not just check out their blogs, but to follow and comment on them if you liked what they wrote or if you have questions. Bloggers, such as myself, really appreciate active followers and comments on our posts! 🙂

There is one Youtube channel link, and that’s Caylin’s channel. I ask that you listen to her covers of pop songs and her original songs and give her your feedback! Please, comment what you thought about her videos and her singing! She appreciates the feedback as well!

I’m really excited about these new pages! Maybe that’s just me, but that’s okay! LOL

I hope you all enjoy them too and I hope you enjoy reading more about the people in my life, through my mini-bios and through their own blogs and videos! 🙂 

Okay, going to be now. Almost 3am… 😛

*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

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