Cali Highlights

Hey guys!

So, I know I haven’t done well AT ALL with keeping up with my blog in the month of June. I’ve been really busy going places and seeing people, but I haven’t forgotten about all of my awesome readers, don’t worry! 🙂 And I mean, what better time to write with July beginning today?

I’m just gonna catch y’all up on some highlights that happened while my sister and I were in California. I’ll try my best to remember the events in order, but I’m making now promises, sorry. 😛 It’s been an awesome full month!

I can’t really remember where I left off when talking about California. I know I made all those great new pages to introduce you to my friends and to send you to their blogs and Youtube channels. Hmmm…thinking…

Oh wow, A LOT has happened since I last wrote (I just looked at my last post and realized it was on the 12th of June! Crazy how time flies by!) After the awesome s’more night with my cousins, they left later that week for Mexico (we missed them so much when they were gone! 😦 ) And while they were gone, my sis and I went to my aunt’s shop and finished painting our pieces (I now have a new coffee and tea mug! And Kae has an awesome, colorful bowl to put all of her rings in!)

Tyler and Dani came back from Mexico in time for church the next week, and they would come every other day to see us and to just hang out with us. Meanwhile, Daddy,Kae, and I had developed a huge love for Candy Crush Saga (“love”? More like “addiction”…), and we tried to see who was in which level and who was the farthest on their game. I can’t believe how addictive that game is.

We also watched a ton of movies! We got to see Man of Steel, The Call, The Dark Knight Rises, Ip Man, Ip Man 2, Wreck-It-Ralph, Now You See Me, Jack the Giant Slayer…in case you haven’t noticed, my dad and Honey are BIG movie-watchers. I’m not much of a movie-watcher, but most of the time if you force me to watch a movie, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be or I loved it (the Ip Man series was fantastic! A couple great kung-fu movies!)

We also watched TV series, like Psych, Criminal Minds, Snapped, Cold Case, etc. And yes, we don’t have a complete summer visit without watching Adventure Time and Regular Show

This past Thursday, my Auntie Steph took us on a full-day beach trip. She drove us up an down Highway 1 as we stopped by a couple beaches to look for driftwood, shells, and just to take pictures. I would totally put the pictures up, but there’s so many of them and I can’t choose which pictures to put up! You’ll just have to believe me when I tell you that the California coastline is GORGEOUS

Okay…I guess I can put a few pictures up… (^^)

Me and Kae right before we left for the beach! 🙂

My Dad, Kae, and I at the first beach we stopped at.

“1,2,3,JUMP!” 😀 
Kae pulling me toward the freezing cold water. Brrr!

1 of our many attempts to execute a perfect jumping picture LOL

Walking on the beach.


A little private beach we discovered by going down a trail!

Crashing waves.
Seriously, this is only a taste of what we saw on Highway 1! We stopped by Bones Roadhouse to eat lunch (their BBQ sandwich was to die for!) and we went to Sea Glass Beach. Oh. My. Gosh. Literally, this beach is covered in sea glass. It is absolutely one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen! There was so much of it that we were walking on the sea glass!

A few pictures just so you can witness the beauty of this place…

Collecting sea glass.

See? You are literally walking on the sea glass!

It was a great day. And now as our time winds down here in California, we’ve just been spending some quality time with family and friends. Tyler was over for a really long time today, which was great, and he’s coming tomorrow too for our last full day here!

I’m sad that we have to leave, but I’m also excited to go back to the mountain. I miss it up there. And our friends from Florida are already up there and cannot wait to see us! I’m so excited!

One month in California has just been amazing. It was a perfect amount of time, and I’m grateful that Kae’sha and I were able to spend so much time out here. 

So, there you have it. I think I’ve caught you up on everything.

And what am I doing up so late?! My sister is making us have an all-nighter before we fly back to the mountain. And so, I’m spending some of this time here. 

Hope everyone’s summer is going great! Get outside, watch a movie, grab some friends, have an adventure! Summer time is the best time to do all the things you can’t do during the school year! I pray that God blesses your time off from classes! Enjoy it and be grateful for it every day!

*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

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