Sweet Tea #2: Organized

Hey guys! 

So, I’ve decided to have a little more order with these “Sweet Tea” posts. I know I said that a “Sweet Tea” post would mean I couldn’t come up with a title to what I was gonna be talking about or if it was gonna be something random. But you know, I was inspired by Bria’s blog. And so now, all my readers will know what to expect when they see “Sweet Tea (insert number here)” So, thank you Bria! 😀 

By the way, you should totally check out how she’s doing or, as she likes to call it, her “Personal Currency.” 

Back to the “Sweet Tea” organization…

I’m gonna have 7 categories…

  1. My Life: what’s been going on with Mishy for the past few weeks?
  2. Tunes: what has Mishy been listening to lately?
  3. The Word: what book of the Bible is Mishy reading? Why is she reading it? What is she learning?
  4. Threads: what is Mishy’s favorite piece of clothing or style of clothing right now?
  5. Create!: is Mishy working on a project? If so, what is it?
  6. What I’m Watching: what movies and TV shows has Mishy been watching? 
  7. Here&Now: what is Mishy doing, right here, right now?
So, lots to cover! But this way, you’ve got an update on pretty much everything that’s going on with me! These posts might be a little lengthy though. 😛 So, are ya ready? Get excited! 😀

My Life

Well, these past few weeks of summer have flown by. My parents and little sister came one week to help me and Kae’sha with our car troubles (my sister’s car and my grandma’s car broke down while I was driving on the mountain :/). It was nice to see them before Annabelle had to go back to school. We also had the “Mile Long Yard Sale” that weekend. That was pretty nice. It rained Saturday, though, so everyone kinda closed shop earlier than expected.

But mostly I’ve been hanging out with friends from the neighborhood and with people who are working at Covenant or friends who are living off the mountain. Pretty good times.

I will admit, for the past few days I’ve been a little down. Some events came up in my life that really changed things and relationships for me. But, hey, what have I said before? God is still faithful. And He is the only One who can give me true peace and joy. All I have to do is rely on Him. That’s easier said than done, mind you. But I’ve been trying my best and asking God to really just help me heal, and He’s come through for me so much! 🙂


It’s been a great summer for music, my friends! Some of my favorite KPOP groups like B.A.P, 2NE1, 2PM, SHINee, and MBLAQ have made several comebacks, and I’ve started to love other groups, such as EXO, miss A, and f(x). Not to mention, some of my other favorite bands like Parachute have come out with albums. And my friends have recommended so much music to me that I’ve been listening to that stuff as well and discovering new musicians that I love.

So, here’s a list of 5 songs I’ve been listening to a lot lately with explanations:
  1. “Coffee Shop” by B.A.P – I can’t start making my coffee in the morning without listening to this song. It just really sets the mood. Just ask Kae. She knows what’s up!
  2. “Guy I Don’t Know” by Caylin Walsingham – Yes, I know Caylin’s one of my best friends and yes, if you read Bria’s “In Case You Were Interested…” post, you saw that she’s been listening to it too. But man, even if I didn’t know Caylin so well, I would still think this song was great. It’s catchy, got a great beat, and has lyrics we girls can relate to cause, heck, we’ve all seen a guy we didn’t know and thought, “I may be in love with you.” Great dance song. Listen to it. Buy it. Dance to it!!! 😀
  3. “Your Nickle Ain’t Worth My Dime” by Sleeping With Sirens – I love the way this song sounds. I love Kellin Quinn, the lead vocalist. His voice is very unique, so unique that some people hear him and think he’s a girl. But he is still so talented!
  4. “Chloe (You’re the One I Want) by Emblem3 – Such a sweet song. The boys tell a girl named Chloe that even though everyone thinks her sister is hotter than her, they think she’s beautiful and perfect the way she is and that she’s the one they want. A catchy and honest song that Caylin got me into!
  5. “Not the End of Me” by Group 1 Crew – It’s amazing how God uses things to really get our attention. He seriously spoke to me through this song. Like I said earlier, I’ve been kinda down lately. So normally, I’m gonna listen to music. And God led me to listen to this song and OH. MY. WORD. Talk about a song that describes exactly what you’re feeling! So encouraging!

The Word

  • What I’ve been reading: 2 Corinthians
  • Why I’m reading it: I’ve been down lately (how many times must I say it?) and I love 1 Corinthians, but I remember Bria saying how encouraging 2 Corinthians is. I’ve read it before, but I want to read it again and really pay attention to it. I’m reading 3 chapters a day and writing down in my journal one thing that really stuck out to me in each chapter. It’s usually so hard to get into my Bible during the summer, but I can say that I’m really enjoying it!
  • What I’ve learned so far: I’ve learned about the importance of forgiveness and reminded of how God is the Ultimate Comforter and how I am a servant of the New Agreement. Because I am a Christian, the Holy Spirit lives within me and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM. Dang, that is SO ENCOURAGING! I am free! And constantly becoming more like Christ the more I talk to Him and spend time with Him! 


Hmmm…right now my favorite piece of clothing is the tank top. It’s still SUPER HOT here on the mountain (when it’s not raining anyways), and I’m feeling really comfy in a tank top and shorts. I have tons of different colors of tank tops, from blue to pink to green to striped yellow and white. A great asset to anyone’s summer wardrobe.


Right now actually, I’m working on Corinne’s painting for her room in her house. I can’t remember if I told y’all this, but I’ll just say it again: this summer I painted a canvas for each of my really good friends (Bria, Caylin, Taylor, and Corinne) with a verse that could really help them during the year. So, I’m on my last one. I’m just waiting for it to dry, hence why I’m blogging.

Afterwards I’m thinking about crocheting myself a beanie since you know, I can’t really afford one right now and making one just might be sorta fun! Or maybe I’ll work on my KPOP signs for my dorm room door. Decisions, decisions…

What I’m Watching

Well, I was trying to finish the Harry Potter series with the Millers before they had school. But today was their first day back…and we still have 3 more movies to go (^^’). And, to be honest, I don’t really know what’s going on in the movies that much. I get the big picture…but smaller details are beyond me.

I’ve also been watching CSI:NY. They FINALLY have all of the seasons on Netflix!!!! CSI:NY was the first crime drama I ever started watching and I fell in love with it. Now, I can fight all the crime I want with Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise). I love that guy so freakin much haha! 😀 (even if he does say those cheesy CSI lines…)

I just watched both Sherlock Holmes movies too. LOVE THOSE MOVIES!!!! They made a great decision picking Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law to be Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Heck yes.


Here and now I am…sitting in a chair in my grandparents’ living room, typing my fingers away at this blog, waiting on this painting to dry, and listening to “Live It Up” by Group 1 Crew. And also, craving some lunch…yuummm.

So There You Have It…

The first organized “Sweet Tea” post ever!! I hope it really updated you on how I’m doing and also allowed you to get to know me a little better! 🙂 

I have…A WEEK AND A HALF…until I see Bria again and move into my dorm room. And can I just say that I am SO FREAKING READY for this year to get started? I’m ready to see what God is going to do in my life and in the lives of my friends this year and what He’s going to teach us! I’m ready to have so many opportunities to trust and obey Him!

Now, if you’ll excuse me…

I have to come up with more creative memes to send Bria on Kik since she’s not answering me. Either something really important is happening or she’s cooking. Oh, the life of two besties who text each other every day during the summer as if we were a couple getting serious! 😀

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