Have I mentioned how badly I’m ready to move back to Covenant?

Because I probably cannot express to y’all how much I AM READY TO GO BACK.

Seriously though! I have friends who have already moved back in because they’re on sports teams or they’re O-Team leaders, or they were working this summer at Covenant and were living in the apartments and had to move into their dorms this past Sunday.

Yes. I am ready to see that campus again.

And the phone call I got from Caylin about an hour ago pretty much reconfirmed for the MILLIONTH TIME how badly I’m ready for this school year to get started. 

I am ready to live on Balcony and bond with the girls who’ve lived there before, with the freshman, and with the new girls.

I’m ready to live with Taylor in our brand new dorm room format (I’ll have to post pictures of the room once we’re both moved in! I really hope it works out!)

I’m ready to see Bria, Caylin, Taylor, and Corinne, MY BEST FRIENDS, face-to-face and talk to them about EVERYTHING over pieces of cake from City Cafe and cream sodas and chips from the Yellow Deli! (even though we’ll have to cut down on those trips. *sheds a tear*)

And yes…I’m even ready for Chartwells food! Pass me the cheesy bread!

Bria, have you finished sewing your shorts?

Caylin, have you finished your chapel summaries?

Taylor, are you ready to decorate our room with all the awesomeness we’ve gotten over the summer?

Corinne, are you ready to see your little sophomore friends visit you in your house in St. Elmo?

I sure hope so. Because y’all…

I am R-E-A-D-Y!!!!! 😀

Hope those who’ve already started school are doing well! I know it’s rough to go back to classes and teachers and books and homework. But you can totally do it! Don’t give up! Do your best and glorify God in ALL you do!! 🙂

Those who still have summer time left (like me) anticipate this next school year with excitement, but enjoy the rest of the free time you have (something I am doing, despite how much I want to be back at Covenant LOL). 

Praying for all of you!!!

*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

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