It’s Been So Long…: A Short-ish Update

Hey, guys!

I know. It’s been WAY TOO LONG since I last blogged. I’m so sorry I’ve been so distant lately! But as soon as I moved into my dorm room at Covenant, I became busy, busy, BUSY. To summarize my life for the past 3 weeks, I will make a list of things that occurred. You’re probably wondering why I don’t just do a “Sweet Tea” post. But I want to save those for another time Bear with me, because I can remember a few things in order, but after a certain point, everything starts to get jumbled up.
  • Move-in day with Bria
  • 8-hour work days=EXHAUSTION
  • Some struggles (already! And the school year hadn’t even begun at this point!)
  • Upperclassmen move-in day
  • The Yellow Deli=the best sandwiches, chips, and cream soda on the face of this planet!
  • Soda pong!
    • Definition: basically the game “beer pong” only with a variety of drinks. We first played with just Dr. Pepper and the second time we played it with strawberry Fanta, A&W cream soda, and apple juice. (I don’t want to see a glass of apple juice for a LONG TIME.)
  • Study, study, study!
    • My weekends have been consumed with books and books!
  • Sleeping in 
    • I don’t work on Saturday this semester!!! HOORAY!
  • Making new friends and catching up with old ones 
    • I’ve had so many lunch and dinner dates in two-and-a-half weeks! I’ve been trying to catch up on how everyone’s been and also trying to get to know some of the freshman. And it’s been a good 
  • Being challenged in Drawing 1
    • MY DRAWING OF THE HUMAN SKELETON IS DUE NEXT TUESDAY. I AM SO NERVOUS!! But I’m going to really try my best!
    • Whether it’s my U.S. History class or work, I have to be up and ready by at least 7:45am. I want to get breakfast too, so I have to get up at around 6:45am to get myself ready to head over to breakfast. Aish.
  • But despite the 8AMs…I’m trying the best I can to LIVE WELL AND FAITHFULLY.
    • While I sit in my classes, do my homework, work, or socialize with people, I try to actively pay attention and do the best I can so I can glorify God through these things. This way, I’m not just daydreaming in class when I’m supposed to be paying attention.
  • THE RAT.
    • I’m taking my grandfather’s General Psychology class this semester, and we have a rat project that deals with reinforcing behavior and the Skinner box. I’m kinda more excited about it now than I was at the very beginning of the semester. But we’ll see how this goes…I may name my rat Ophelia…
So yeah! That’s been my life so far! I hope this small update will suffice for now! I promise I’ll try the best I can to update you on what’s been going on!

How about I’ll make it up to you by giving you a COMING UP NEXT section here…

Coming Up Next…

  1. Photos of the dorm room. I told y’all I’d show you pictures of my and Taylor’s dorm room. And that hasn’t happened yet, haha. 😛 So, I’ll be posting pics of the room in my next blog post! Our room is so comfy this year! I love it! 🙂
  2. A new PFM! Guess what? There will be a new “Person Frequently Mentioned”!!!! I just started hanging out with her at the beginning of the semester, but she’s such a good friend! She makes me laugh, she’s a good listener, she gives great advice, she encourages me, she goes CRAZY after she’s had half a buffalo chicken wrap (it’s the SPICY!), and she challenges me in such great ways! I can’t wait for you to meet her! 🙂
  3. Class & work schedule. Wonder if I’m making up how busy I am? Well, you’ll get to take a sneak-peek at my class and work schedule! I think I go, go, go for 12-hours a day and once dinner hits, I can “relax” i.e. eat and do homework and drink tea. 
  4. Photos of the 1st Cookie Cocktail! Last year, I’d bring groups of people over to my grandparents’ house so I could bake cookies for them and they could study and I could do my laundry. Now, I’m having SO MANY PEOPLE ask me when the heck we’re going to Grandma’s LOL. So, every other weekend or so, I’m going to take different groups to my grandparents’ for what I now call a “Cookie Cocktail.”  (cocktail meaning appetizer, when really, the cookies are more of our meal for the entire day than an appetizer haha :D)
  5. If all this goes down the drain…You can look forward to the 3rd Sweet Tea post! EXCITING! 😀 That way you can quickly catch up on what I’m reading, listening to, working on, wearing, etc.
So there you have it! Some things to look forward to! 

I hope that those who are in school aren’t too stressed out and are doing the best they can! Let’s all pray for one another as we are in the midst of the busy school season! Not only can school stress us out, but so can other parts of life such as friendships, relationships, family-life, health, financial things, etc. But let us be reminded that God knows our every need and is in control of everything! 🙂

Y’all, tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! \(^^)/ You can all make it through the day to get to the weekend! You can do this!!!

*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

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