#SB2k14, Day 3: The Bean, Town Square, Car-Washing, & Taylor!

Whoo, it is late…

Today was the first full day in Bainbridge, and it was a pretty chill day. I woke up at 11am. Bria was still asleep, but I decided to go ahead and make myself some breakfast and get dressed.

But when I walked into the living room and the house was completely silent and empty, I felt so uncomfortable just being the only one awake that I went back to bed just lay there LOL. But then I was so hungry that I couldn’t just lay there and do nothing.

So, I got dressed, ate a doughnut (the sour cream one that Pa told me I should try, and actually, it was delicious!), and made a little place on the couch to start writing my feedback Monday assignment for Intro to Creative Writing class. It was about maybe an hour before Caylin woke up and then another fifteen to twenty minutes when Bria woke up.

By this time, it’s like 1pm. And we weren’t ready to leave the house until 2:30pm. We decided we were going to The Bean, Bainbridge’s local coffee shop that also serves “the best sandwiches in Bainbridge,” and then we were just going to walk around the town square.

The Bean was pretty awesome. I liked the atmosphere, and just looking at the small menu, things were simple and yet they all sounded so good. I ended up ordering a BLT panini and a coffee drink called Mocha Madness and OHMYWORD IT WAS ALL SO GOOD!

Bria and Caylin w/ their drinks:
a Mocha Madness & the famous Mona Lisa

Me sippin’ on  Mocha Madness! #yum

My BLT w/ chips & a pickle

Bria & I outside of The Bean!
After lunch at The Bean, Caylin, Bria, and I walked around the town a bit, going in and out of small little shops. I wish I could’ve bought something, but shoot, lunch was already expensive enough! And everything I wanted was really expensive too 😛

So we drove back to Caylin’s house and decided to wash Caylin’s car since it really needed to be cleaned after her whole mouse incident (that’s another story I’ll have to tell you all about another time! LOL). Anyways, Caylin made a little soapy mix, parked her car in her driveway, I put some tunes on, and we started washing her car. Well, Bria and Caylin washed the car while I filmed a little video that will be a segment of our Spring Break 2014 video Caylin will be posting to her Youtube page. At the end of the week, I’ll post the link on the blog so y’all can check it out! 🙂

But here are a couple pictures of them washing the car…

Washing the car was pretty fun. We just finished rinsing the outside of Caylin’s car when her friend Stephanie pulled up. We met her, and she went inside with Caylin, leaving Bria and I just to chill outside in Caylin’s car. It was totally cool with us though: the sun was shining, but there was still a slight breeze to make the weather outside perfect. I grabbed a couple of cherry Cokes for us and we sat in the car and relaxed as we listened to the latest pop hits.

And I also made a short video to pass the time…but…I’ve tried several times to upload it onto the blog, but for some reason Blogger isn’t cooperating 😦 So, I’ll try to post it on here again tomorrow, I promise!

Miss Carol (Caylin’s mom) came out and talked to us for a bit before Stephanie and Caylin eventually came out after catching up inside the house. Stephanie left, and then we continued to clean the inside of Caylin’s car. 

Then a couple of little girls from next door that Caylin used to babysit came out and were so excited to see Caylin that they ran over and asked her to play with them. It was so adorable. They started playing a little bit of basketball with Caylin, which got Bria into wanting to play basketball too.

So, I tried to play with Bria, but dang, she is way too competitive for my taste. I mean, dang, she was trying to block me from taking shots and it was just so intimidating! Then we decided we would just play H-O-R-S-E instead since that was a fairly safe game.

I still got “frustrated” with Bria, but it was actually really fun.

While we were playing basketball, Corinne arrived! 😀 It was so great to see her safe and sound in her natural habitat (LOL).

And then after playing a little more basketball, Caylin, Bria, Miss Carol, and I got ready to go pick Taylor up from the Tallahassee airport. The trip wasn’t bad at all, and it was really great to see ma roomie again! 🙂

We spent the rest of the night watching the final episode of The Bachelor that Corinne and Caylin missed. I am not into shows like that, but I kinda got sucked into it since I was sitting with them while they were watching it and it was just so interesting to see what was happening. I don’t know if you’re a fan of The Bachelor or if you’ve heard things about Juan Pablo, but all I can say is… DANG.

And then after catching up on The Bachelor, we all just talked for a really long time about plans for tomorrow, the rest of the week, school, etc.

Speaking of plans for tomorrow, here’s the sneak-peek of what’s to come!:
  1. BEACH DAY!: All five of us are planning to pile into Corinne’s car and head to St. George’s Island at 9:30am (LOL, we’ll see if we can actually leave at that time!) But I am so excited to get to a beach! I’m planning on reading The Help and maybe even writing in my journal or trying to think of new story ideas. I’ll be taking plenty of pictures, so don’t miss out on those! 🙂
  2. TV shows & games: for the past couple of nights, Miss Carol’s been wanting to play games with us, and we just haven’t had the chance to do it. So hopefully tomorrow after our day trip to the beach we’ll have time! Also, I want to watch the new episode of Bates Motel that I missed tonight! I’m hoping it was good!
So, yeah those are the plans! To sign off, here are some pictures of us today in town square!

More to come tomorrow! Hope y’all had a great beginning of your week whether you’re on spring break or at school or work! 🙂

~ Mishy. (^^) ❤

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