#SB2k14, Day 4: BEACH DAY!


Today was just AMAZING. I enjoyed every second of it!

Well, our original plan was to leave at 9:30am for St. George Island, but we had so much we still had to prepare for our day at the beach that we ended up leaving an hour later. But hey, that’s not bad! Bria made us all a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon as Taylor and I made some sandwiches for our lunch at the beach. Caylin and Corinne were gathering towels, blankets, sunscreen, and such for the beach. By 10:30am, we were all piled into the car and heading to St. George Island state park.

It took about 2 hours for us to get there. The time passed us by as we listened to pop music – from recent artists to oldies like Hilary Duff. We made it there…and it was cloudy. Caylin said it was kind of cold, but really, it wasn’t too bad. And later, the sun eventually came out.

But oh boy, did we have a rough first fifteen minutes after we found a spot on the beach…

The beach was perfect. There were barely any people so it was easy to find a spot, and the sun was actually showing itself a little bit more than when we first arrived. There was a slight breeze, but it wasn’t too overpowering to make us cold. 

As soon as we set our blankets and towels down, we were all ready to eat the sandwiches and chips we’d packed. So, we all reached in the cooler, grabbed our special sandwiches and chips and a cherry Coke or some water, and started chowing down.

I got distracted with something, but was soon aware that a TON of seagulls were flying around us. 

Crap, I thought, the seagulls must’ve smelled our sandwiches, realized they could possibly get fed, and started swarming us.

But the flock of birds started to increase, and I asked the others why there were so many birds around us…and Taylor said she fed one of them!!!!!

These birds were getting vicious now. I mean, they were swooping down super close to us. Caylin started screaming, making me even more nervous. Corinne was just sitting toward the ocean, minding her own business and eating her sandwich, when a bird swooped down and took her sandwich out of her hands. I’m not even lying to y’all! They took her ENTIRE SANDWICH out of her hands and ATE IT.

That’s when it started getting SCARY. Bria, Caylin, and I started screaming and running away from our spot and the seagulls. Heck, it was like Alfred Hitchcock’s movie The Birds (I’ve never seen it, but I’ve heard enough about it to have a pretty good idea…). We kept looking back and the swarm of birds just kept chasing us farther down the beach. I was trying to eat the half of my sandwich that I had in my hand as I ran, but Caylin and Bria just held onto their sandwiches.

Finally, Caylin and Bria just threw their sandwiches to the birds, and kept on running away. I just had one bite left of my sandwich, but I figured it wasn’t worth being chased around by seagulls, so I threw it to them, then ran back to our spot on the beach. Taylor and Corinne were just sitting there laughing. Easy for Taylor to laugh, since she’s the one that caused that mess, LOL!

Poor Bria, Caylin, and Corinne didn’t get to eat their sandwiches, but thankfully there were enough snacks to satisfy their appetites. We still had chips, cookies, yogurt, and fruit in the cooler. And the cherry Cokes had survived the bird attack. From then on, we ate with caution because even when we opened the cooler (without opening a bag of food!), the birds would come flying towards us!

Since Taylor was the one to cause the mess, we asked her to chase away the birds that had surrounded us. And she did an awesome job at it. From then on, I called her “Taylor the Gladiator.” And whenever a few birds would come too close to our spot, Taylor would chase them away.

The rest of the time was super chill. We all laid out on our towels and blankets and took naps or just laid there. I read The Help while Corinne listened to music and journaled or read some things for her homework. A little later, Taylor and I kicked the soccer ball around a bit. Caylin was taking some video for the spring break video that will appear at the end of our break (keep an eye out for that!). 

Corinne took some amazing pictures of us four (SHAWTY PICS!). Y’all should definitely check them out on her Facebook photography page (and even like her page if you like the photos you see!) Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Corinne-Marie-Photography/1422658751298765 

Like I said, the pictures were awesome! This one is personally my favorite:



So, after so more chilling and chasing seagulls, a bunch of clouds rolled in and we decided to leave. When we packed up all our stuff, we realized that everyone on the beach had left already. 

We drove a few minutes to a gift shop so Bria could buy a shot glass (cause she collects shot glasses) and get some ice cream. I got espresso chip, Taylor got black cherry, Bria got almond pralene, Caylin got some strawberry ice cream popsicle thing, and…I can’t remember what Corinne got. Anyways, after our little stop, we drove all the way back to Bainbridge for a ziti pasta dinner that Miss Carol made for us.

After dinner, we played a few rounds of dominoes (which Bria won two of those games. Man, I can’t play games with that girl! LOL, JK), and I tried to read a little more of The Help, and here I am, blogging. After this, I have a couple more important things to take care of before I can take a shower and go to bed. Apparently we have to leave the house a little “early” (meaning like 10am), so I’m going to have to go to bed soon.

But yeah! That was our beach day! 😀 It was so fun and so great to hang out with my closest friends. I can always be completely myself around them, and that’s a freeing thing. I feel like sometimes we put up masks for other people so they don’t have to know what we’re truly feeling in the moment. But being with Caylin, Taylor, Bria, and Corinne, I know I never have to worry about being judged. And I feel like every person deserves to have a group like that who makes them feel completely free to be who they are.

Sneak-peek for tomorrow:

  1. The Bean: yes, people, we are heading back to The Bean (since Taylor missed out the first day we were here and she wants to go), but we’re not messing around this time. Sadly, some of us still have work to accomplish (I have a story I need to write for creative writing class, Bria has an article review due, ya know, the college work is never done…), and Caylin and Corinne are going to have lunch with some friends tomorrow.
  2. ????: Honestly, other than The Bean, I have no clue what other plans we have. I know that Caylin’s parents are having a small group in their house tomorrow night so we have to leave and go somewhere…but where, I have no idea. So! Be ready for a small surprise! Who knows where we’ll go… (psh, probably Taco Bell or something haha)
Hope y’all are having a great week! Tomorrow’s marks the middle of the week! ALREADY! That is so crazy to me! Part of me doesn’t want to think about it because it seems like this spring break is going by way too fast. So, I won’t dwell on it too much! 🙂 Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it! I hope you’ve been enjoying my little spring break saga!

~ Mishy. (^^) ❤

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