#SB2k14, Day 5: Back to The Bean, Chillin’, & the Boat Basin

Greetings, everyone!

I will admit, today wasn’t the most exciting day of our spring break. Don’t get me wrong, I had fun today. But no, it wasn’t going to the beach again, it wasn’t going to Disney World or Wild Adventures or being in Panama City Beach since apparently that’s what the spring break place to be is…

But I just spent it with my best friends doing chill things, like going to The Bean and working on homework (grrr…) or going back to the house and watching Bates Motel and Wife Swap and snacking on Goldfish & sipping on cherry Cokes. It was a nice, chill day.

Miss Carol ordered some pizza for us since we had leave the house when her small group came later. It was nice to talk to her about relationships and life in general. And then, we decided on what were were going to do…

There’s this place called the Boat Basin that has a small lake and a little place where all these goats, emus, and a donkey & mule are penned up and people can bring chips and bread and feed them. I mean, hey, I’ve never seen a donkey up close, so why not?

We went there and actually had a great time feeding those animals. Then we went to a small playground and played on the swings and the really tiny playground equipment (it looked like a playground for elves or something…). But it was all really great to just joke around with each other.

Of course, once we got back, we did our own thing for a bit (read, journaled, watched Pretty Little Liars…) and then Bria, Taylor, and I came together to eat BlueBell mocha almond fudge ice cream (which is SUPER DELICIOUS btw) and played some dominoes

We played dominoes for another good two hours, and we all slowly but surely go ready for bed. Now, I’m blogging (obviously), Caylin’s catching up on Pretty Little Liars, Bria’s journaling (I think…), and Taylor went to bed. 

So yeah, chill spring break day. So, how ’bout a sneak-peek?
  1. Fun Station: well, tomorrow we’re just gonna kinda get up whenever we wanna get up, eat breakfast and lunch, and (hopefully by 1pm), we’ll be on the road to Tallahassee to hangout at the Fun Station (which apparently has laser tag, go-karts, arcade games, etc.). I’m really excited to do that! It’s been a while since I’ve been to place like that!
  2. Oven-fried chicken: And we’ll get back home from Fun Station just in time for Miss Carol’s homemade oven-fried chicken (which Caylin says is sooo good & I don’t doubt it!) So that’s something I’m looking forward to also!
Yep! That’s all I got, folks! Hope those of you on spring break enjoy the last couple of days and the weekend off of school left! Those who are still in school but spring break is next week, y’all GOT THIS! You’re over halfway done with this week! \(^^)/ Praying for every single one of y’all, wherever you’re at!

Come back tomorrow night for the next spring break update!

~ Mishy. (^^) ❤

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