REVAMP ’14! #4

What up, what up?!

I hope y’all have had a great weekend so far! My weekend’s been great: this has been the first full-weekend I’ve had in like 3 weeks. Nothing but R&R and hanging out with friends and such!

So there wasn’t a REVAMP post last week due to my life’s craziness and extreme exhaustion, but I am here to make sure there is one for this week! 😀 Let’s get started…

Caylin’s EP Outfit

In a few previous posts, I think I mentioned that Caylin will be recording an EP soon. She’s recording it this week, in fact!! And recently, she did a photo shoot for it, and I have to say that I think the pictures look great! We’ll only be focusing on one outfit that she wore though, so here it is:

At some point this summer, I exclaimed, “VA-VA-VOOM!” to express something that was fabulous. That exclamation totally applies here! For the revamp, Caylin wanted to focus on her leggings and jacket.

The leggings she’s wearing are from Target. I checked the online price and it is currently $12. I need to hop on getting some leggings myself! 🙂

Her denim jacket with faux leather sleeves is from Belk. The current online price is $50

I don’t know about you, but just seeing this picture for Caylin’s EP is getting me even more excited for the EP itself! (^^)

Bria’s Black Drapey Shorts

Ooooo, drapey shorts…

TBH, I thought this was a skirt when I first saw the picture! (^^’)

Here’s what Bria thinks about them:

Alright, so these shorts are fun. I like to wear them with a tucked in shirt and a belt. They’re comfortable, and they’re from Old Navy. But, the material wrinkles very easily.  They’re part of the Revamp because I needed some new shorts. Sorry, I don’t have an actual picture of a whole outfit.

I did a little research and saw that the current online price for these shorts are $24.97 and they actually come in 3 different styles: blackjack, navy paisley, and teal print. Bria owns them in blackjack. 

My Flower-Printed Romper and Black Wedge-Heels

This romper is just too cute. I remember seeing these and thinking to myself that I could never pull one off. But after seeing so many people of different shapes and sizes wear them, I decided I could at least try one out. So I bought this flower-printed romper at Forever21. And I love it! It’s a little formal, but still comfy, a great item to wear if you’re going out with some friends and you wanna dress up but not be too fancy. The wedge heels were a must for me because ***confession time: I’m the type of girl that just cannot walk in heels. Ask Bria. She’s tried coaching me in the art of high-heel walking whenever we have the chance to wear heels, and I’ve gotten it down slightly, but not fully. I do wish I could walk in heels, but they’re just not my type. So! Wedges are my next option if I wanna wear a formal shoe, be able to walk normally, be comfortable and still add some height. And these wedges are perfect for all of those things! They are Mossimo Supply & Co. size 6.5 Sylvia black wedges from Target

Small little thing I learned with this whole revamp thing: I buy my shoes a half-size too big. Or at least, I used to until I realized that buying a size 6.5 shoe instead of a size 7 fit me better! I have one foot that fits a 6.5 shoe and the other one fits a 7 shoe, but size 6.5 seems to be better for both in the case of these wedge heels. I’ll have to see what I have to do when I buy Converse… 🙂

Another REVAMP post for the books! I hope that these posts have been interesting for you and have given you another perspective of my life! I’m still looking for more people to join in on this, so please, if you’re interested in being featured in these posts, email me!!!! The “Contact Me” forum on the top right is available! Or shoot me an email to ! I’d love to see more of my readers/followers get involved in this! It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a revamp or not. If you love what you wear or are planning on changing your style, you can be a part of the REVAMP posts! 😀

I, of course, plan on posting another one of these next weekend, but if it doesn’t happen, don’t be alarmed. I’ll be doing some traveling and may be too exhausted to get a post in, but I will definitely try my hardest!

Hope everyone’s weekend was fantastic and that this week proves to be even more so!

luv ya!
~ Mishy (^^) ❤

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