Fall Break

I’m sitting in my dorm room, trying to put some music on my phone so I can make some space (storage probz, it’s a struggle!) I’m also listening to some great KPOP music I hadn’t heard in a while (like Royal Pirates. Aww man, I’ve missed them so much! Reminds me of spring semester of sophomore year!)

Hopefully, after this I can get some other work done…like homework.

I’m not going to say that I haven’t been productive. I mean, I’ve watched some movies we’ve been meaning to watch for weeks, and I’ve been doing some great relaxing. I have started on my homework a little bit, and while I’m waiting on Bria to get ready, I’m trying to do what I can while I’m on campus.

So, I returned some work keys that I should have returned before the summer was over and I found my lost pea coat (an essential for this fall weather coming in). And now, I’m blogging and I’ll probably look at some internships while I’m at it. I do need to go to my grandparent’s house today though, so I can feed the cats I’m pet-sitting over the break and get some homework done so we can possibly go thrifting today.

Honestly, I’m pretty positive that I won’t get all the things I wanted to get done on fall break done. I thought four days would be enough time, but I’m starting to see the time slip away. 

But I just wanted to write in here to let you all know that I’m still alive haha. This semester is flying by so quickly! October is more than halfway over, and before I know it Thanksgiving break will be here. SO CRAZY.

Also, I wanted to let y’all know that Bria and I have an idea that we’re thinking about putting into action soon. We may have to wait until next semester so we could work things out during our Christmas break, but I’m hoping maybe we can get this idea going before then. We’ll see. But I’m asking that you pray for us as we try to work this thing out. 

I hope those of you on fall break are having a relaxing time! And if you’re in school or work today, I pray the Lord gives you strength and motivation to do your best in whatever you’ve got going on today!

Love you all! I’ll be here again, hopefully sooner than Thanksgiving break!

luv ya!
Mishy (^^)

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