Sup, guys?!


It’s been a weird week already. We had a “snow” day on Tuesday, but it barely snowed and by the end of the day, it melted. But THIS snow day…6 inches or more.  6 INCHES OR MORE. For a girl who’s lived in southeast Georgia, that’s a really big deal.

So what does a student like me do on a snow day such as this one?


You best believe I sleep in. But I try not to sleep in until noon or 1pm, though. I’d like to have my entire snow day to do things.


I really do try to get up semi-early to drink some coffee and eat a small breakfast so I can get my day going. A snow day means I have a whole 24 hours to do ALL THE THINGS for school. So, assignments, readings…anything I can do before the next school day.


Yeah, okay, some reality here. I mean, an episode or two of a show as a study break isn’t too bad, or even just hanging out with friends. I will admit, the goofing off does get out of hand sometimes and I have to gather some motivation to get back to work. But hey, our first snow day we had, I sat in the same place in my commons reading for some of my classes. So, yeah, breaks are nice.


This means everything from taking pictures in the snow to having legit snowball fights to sledding down hills. I’ve never gone sledding (I may wanna do that before I graduate and leave here), but I’ve heard it’s fun. I usually just end up staying inside most of the day though.

So, those are some things that happen during snow days. Today I slept in later than I meant to, and I’ve barely done homework because I had a meeting with someone and I was watching music videos and looking at a potential dress for spring formal (which is coming up faster than a lot of people think. It’s the weekend after spring break). I was reading for linguistics before I remembered that I was supposed to post on the blog today, so I’m glad I remembered! 😀

A QUICK HEADS UP! Spring break is in ONE WEEK, so I’ll be writing my annual SPRING BREAK SERIES soon!

This year, Caylin, Bria, and I will be going to Lynchburg, Virginia to stay at Taylor’s house and to go to Washington D.C. for a day! I’m really excited about that, and I’m excited to see where Taylor grew up and to spend time with her family. It’ll be a COLD spring break this year, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of adventures to make up for the fact that we won’t be going to the beach or spending the time in 70 degree weather. And the fact that I get to blog for a week straight will be super awesome!

Short and sweet post today! I’m pretty sure by the way things are going right now, the next time I post will be SPRING BREAK, so look forward to that!

Hope everyone’s had a great week so far! Tomorrow is F R I D A Y and the weekend will be here!!! We can make it!!


Mishy ❤

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