A To-Do List of Things Keeping Me from Full-On Blogging

Hey guys!

Yes, it’s been several weeks since I last blogged and, if you know me, I am ever-so-sorry that you have been checking my site to see if anything new has been posted and have been filled with disappointment when everything is the same.

But, I am a college student, and because of previous snow days, assignments and such have been moved around, so I have been extremely busy (and quite honestly, very unmotivated).

Something you should know about me: I love to-do lists. If I’m bored sitting in class, I’ll make a to-do list of things I need to accomplish before the end of the day or the end of a couple of days. I just love it, and it helps me remember all of the important things I need to do.

And since it’s been a while and you may be wondering what could possibly be hindering me from posting on my blog every day or every chance I get, here is a to-do list of things I have to accomplish sometime this week. And even doing this is making me procrastinate on doing this stuff, but hey, why not?

Mishy’s To-Do List for the week of 3/29/2015

  • Start Chatt. Film Festival article
    • email someone to get info
  • Study for Linguistics test on MONDAY
  • Read History and Systems article and type out discussion question answer for MONDAY
  • Finish reading Frankenstein
  • Read 120 pages of Tess of the D’Ubervilles for TUESDAY
  • Write Mayor of Casterbridge journal for TUESDAY
  • Start CHOW 2 and History and Systems  study guide for both tests on WEDNESDAY
  • Apply for more jobs for the summer
  • Print and fill out next year’s housing form
  • Figure out exactly how to get to the film festival celebration (parking, money, gas, etc.)
  • Email certain people Bria and I have been trying to meet with for, like, 3 weeks now

And so, that is practically my week. Pretty insane, if you ask me.

***RANDOM FACT: Recently, the album I’ve been listening to that’s been getting me through all the things I need to do is Sleeping with SirensMadness. Guys. It is SUCH a good album! I’m thinking maybe my next blog post will be an album review on this album. I think that would be kinda fun, ya know? Hopefully it wouldn’t be too long before I posted it haha. But you can check it out now in the The Latest Jams tab!

Anyways, I hope everyone’s been enjoying their weekend so far! We still have one day left, so make the most of it! I’ll definitely be making the most of it by trying to cross some things off this list!

Are any of you into to-do lists? Have anything that’s frustrating about to-do lists or something you’ve constantly had to keep on your to-do lists? If so, I’d  L O V E  to hear about what you’ve got going on! You can always shoot me an email at mishruss94@gmail.com or tweet at me at @mishy_127 (seriously, do these things. I truly would love to know what’s up! I’d rather answer emails and tweets than do my homework. I know, I know…priorities.)

Well, I gotta go. The to-do list calls!

Love ya!

Mishy ❤

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