What’s to Come

Hellooooooo to everyone out there!

So yet again, it’s been a long time. But, I’m almost done with school! Just a couple of weeks, peeps! And then I’ll be doing May Term i.e. MORE SCHOOL, but I shouldn’t be as busy as during the normal school year.

This’ll be a short post. I just wanted to let y’all know about a couple of things that might occur on the blog for my post after this one, the new playlist in THE LATEST JAMS tab, and an assurance that I’m still alive LOLz.

As of now, I have a couple of ideas in regards to my next post. I REALLY wanna make a post all about ALBUM REVIEWS because so many of my favorite artists (and artists I just began listening to) have released new music within the past couple of months. Within that, I’m thinking there’ll be a written a review and a video of me and Bria expressing what we thought of each song on the album.

The other idea I’ve got for my next post is about THE FUTURE HEARTS TOUR featuring All Time Low, ISSUES, Tonight Alive, and State Champs. Bria, Kae’sha, Kae’sha’s friend Charis (sp?) and I will be heading to Atlanta to see these 4 awesome bands and I AM SO PUMPED! Taking the lessons I learned from my first concert experience seriously, I’ll still be taking pictures, but not as much so I can enjoy myself. And I’ll blog about our experience. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet ISSUES because Bria and I wanna meet them SO BADLY.

So, those are the ideas I’m playing with. It also depends on what happens first. If Bria and I can crank out these album reviews pretty quickly, that post will come first before the Future Hearts Tour post.

And speaking of The Future Hearts Tour, Bria made a pretty legit playlist that I’ll be posting onto the LATEST JAMS tab for ALL OF YOU TO ENJOY! It’s really good, friends. If you’re going to TFH tour, then I totally suggest you listen to it to get you pumped for whichever tour date you’ll be attending!

That’s all I’ve got for now! Sorry for such a short post, but I need to go like NOW for something super important!

The playlist will be up either now or later cause I really gotta go!

Byyyyeeee!!!!! ~

Love ya!


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