One Month Down

Wait, wait. What do you mean a month?!

Yep. My senior year of college has begun, and a month has already gone by. So crazy.

((Long time, no see, by the way. I know it’s probably been over a month since I’ve last blogged. You know the drill – life gets crazy busy, priorities shift…))

Honestly, the past month has gone by kinda slow. I think maybe this past week things began speeding up (which was a good thing, really since it was such a crappy week!). Even though I crave the weekend during the week, I’ve been learning to enjoy how slow the weeks have been going by. It gives me more time to do things, like homework, SIP research, and vlogging.

Even in a month, things can get hard. As I said earlier, this past week was pretty crappy. And it wasn’t just me either – people on my hall and other people I knew on campus were just not having good weeks at all, whether it be because of physical illness or the increase of school-work or things in their personal lives. Not to mention it rained a ton on Friday. But despite the rain, I know people’s spirits were high because the weekend was in sight.

My schedule has definitely picked up, especially since Bria and I have decided to start our own music vlog Kicks and Skittles (shameless plug – if you haven’t already, you should totally check us out on YouTube! :D) I’m still having to prioritize everything because of course I’d rather vlog with my best friend than do my homework. I can already tell things are beginning to get a little more difficult.

And I can honestly say that I know things have been more difficult for me because of the decisions I’ve made. Procrastinating, goofing off, and most importantly, not reading my Bible and placing my main focus on God first. I was talking to Bria about how things seem to just be getting harder and motivation has decreased and I know it has to do with me not being in the Word as often as I usually am.

College people know: you get so swept up in the schedules, assignments, and events that you forget what’s truly important. Last night I picked up my Bible even though it was almost 1am and I read for the first time in a couple of weeks (other than going to church). And even though I didn’t head straight to bed like I normally do, my night was set in such solid peace. I prayed as I fell asleep and got probably one of the best nights of sleep I’ve ever had.

Not only that, but God has been faithful to me even before I recognized my habit of not spending time with Him in His Word. I specifically remember one time last week praying for God to provide financially so that I could just have some money to keep in my bank and to put some in my savings because I was realizing my funds were depleting quickly. I honestly felt like it was my fault. I had done better about not spending on random things, but my hallmates and friends had been having events off of campus and I was having to spend more than I thought.

And this past weekend, God provided an opportunity for me to obtain money – I was able to house/dog-sit for some family friends for some cash in my pocket, not to mention my grandma mentioned that some more family friends want me to take care of their cats this fall break which means some more money. Honestly, thinking about God’s provision despite my unfaithfulness this past month really blew my mind. He truly does care for me even when I mess up, and it makes me want to do better to honor and serve Him with the time that I do have.

But yeah. It is past midnight on a Monday night (technically Tuesday morning). And I’m going to go back to my dorm room. Take a shower. Do my hair. And read my Bible before I go to bed. Because, like I always realize over and over again throughout my life, when I have my priorities right, everything else falls into place. And I serve a God who still cares for me and still allows for things to be in place despite my shortcomings.

Truly overwhelmed.

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