#sprangbreak2k16 – Lake Lanier + WE MADE IT TO SAVANNAH

Hey guys! An update on some spring break things…

Yesterday, we arrived at Lake Lanier, where Caylin’s grandpa lives. We were able to meet her aunt and uncle, and spend time with her family talking, taking a walk to the lake, and playing dominoes.

Dominoes was intense. Bria and I hadn’t played it in about 2 years, but it was one of our favorite things to do with Miss Carol (Caylin’s mom) when we were spending spring break in Bainbridge our sophomore year. We played 13 rounds over a span of 4 hours (we took a break for dinner at Chik-fil-A). Bria won. I was dead last. But it was so much fun!

Today, we left around 11am-noon to head down to Savannah, Caylin and I splitting the drive. We stopped at Bria’s house first so she could grab some things, and then we headed over to my house on Tybee.

I have never been more excited to be back in my hometown until now. Not saying that I’ve never loved where I came from, but I am genuinely excited for this week in Savannah, and all the adventures that are going to happen. Like tomorrow morning, we’re planning on riding bikes to Tybean Coffee to spend a few hours doing homework before spending the rest of the day at the beach. I can’t express how ready I am to be on the beach!!!!!

Tonight before dinner, we all went out to watch the sunset on the beach. I’m not even going to try to express what it looked like, I’ll just post pictures at the end of this post because it was GORGEOUS (and you can peep a photo of it on my Instagram too). Then later we went to Krispy Kreme and got doughnuts for ourselves. So it’s been a pretty relaxing evening after a full day of travel.

True Tybee Island adventures begin tomorrow and I cannot wait! I’ll make sure to snap pictures every day for the end of each of my posts.

OH! And thanks to my great friend Eliza, I got the 1 Second Everyday app, and am taking 1-second videos everyday during spring break, planning to have a whole video at the end of all of this to close the chapter of spring break forever with a B A N G. So we shall see how that goes!

Time for bed if I wanna leave the house by 8am for Tybean Coffee. Yes, you heard me. 8am. During spring break. Meh, I can always nap on the beach 😀


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