#sprangbreak2k16 – the adventure continues

Currently in Bria’s living room, still reeling from the Bates Motel episode I watched. What.

The past couple of days have been amazing and restful. There have been several trips to Tybean Coffee, some homework done, some lying out on the beach whilst listening to Chase Atlantic, The Neighborhood, William Singe, etc., and some s’more making.

There’s been TONS of bike riding, mostly to IGA (a type of grocery store on Tybee), Tybean Coffee, and the pier. It’s been nice to travel by bike for the past few days instead of getting into a car. It’s great exercise + the weather’s been nice enough to be outside.

Last night, Pa led us on a bike ride to the pier area, where there was an acoustic night at Doc’s Bar. Caylin was able to sit among many people who had brought their various instruments, listen to them play their songs, and even play a few of her original songs too. It was great to hear everyone add onto the each person’s song. Afterward, we stopped at 80 East Gastropub for dessert, and it was DELICIOUS.

Today, we packed our stuff and headed off the island to Bria’s house, where we’ll be staying for the rest of spring break. Bria and I were able to visit our high school to give Caylin a tour, and to see several of our teachers whom we hadn’t seen in a while. It was really nice to talk to them and catch up after so many years of not seeing them.

And the rest of today has been pretty chill. I took a nap, Caylin and I watched White Chicks while Bria was out celebrating her cousin’s birthday, and I finished a little bit more homework.

Tomorrow, we plan on walking around downtown to River Street Sweets, get some ice cream, maybe just see some sights, and at night we’ll go on a ghost tour (my very first one!) It should be pretty exciting.

Until the next update/nonfiction piece! I may end up writing about night bike riding on Monday night. It was quite an experience.


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