“The Lord Sustains You.”

Today’s been C R A Z Y. I’ve been doing all sorts of things trying to get my life together…and watching One Tree Hill.

But here’s the last post on the rings I wear; a thick sterling silver band that I wear on my thumb.

There was an inscription on the inside of it that’s rubbed off due to me taking it on and off. The inscription read: The Lord Sustains You. 2013


The fall semester of my sophomore year, I was a mess.

Some weird things happened in the past summer, and I was feeling some repercussions from it all. Not to mention, a little of the drama that had occurred from the summer time was unfortunately oozing its way into my semester.

I was sad, angry, bitter, hurt. I was also extremely sleep-deprived. For some reason, my spring semester-freshman mind thought it would be best to schedule an 8am history class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. And even though I would get to bed at a decent time, I could just feel my mind constantly racing, thinking about the things that had happened that summer, and the things before me that semester.

You could probably ask anyone who knew me really well back then – I was not okay. My normal positive and encouraging energy was gone; I was wiped out.

I called Pa (my stepdad to those who don’t know), and told him my situation. All the people and situations that were affecting me were definitely taking a toll. I could feel the pressure of everything weighing me down. And the fact that I couldn’t sleep? It was breaking me.

Pa asked me about my spiritual life, and honestly at the time, that was something that was also in total malfunction. And after hearing about my sleeping problems, he led me to Psalm 3:5, which reads:

I lay down and slept; I woke again, for the Lord sustained me.

As I read that verse, I could feel a slight release of pressure off my chest. Pa explained to me the sermon that went along with this verse, and even the chapter.

And every night during my fall semester, sophomore year, after that conversation with Pa., I read Psalm 3, highlighting verse 5. And as the months went by, things did start to get better. Of course, everything wasn’t perfect, but there was definitely an improvement.

Along with the Word, my friends really helped me through a lot of it as well. I was going through all of my things, and I found so many notes from that time; notes of encouragement, love, assurance. And I couldn’t bring myself to throw any of them away because they’re another great reminder of living through all of that pain, but being blessed by so many people, so much comfort.

As my nineteenth birthday approached that December, I realized I wanted a reminder all this. That semester was one of the darkest moments in my life, but I wanted a positive reminder of how the Lord had sustained me through it all.

So, I asked for a thumb ring with an inscription that would remind me of Psalm 3:5. I alternate the fingers that I wear my rings on, and my thumb was the next one on the list.

And I received it in the mail on my birthday. The inscription was printed on the inside of the ring, but that was perfectly fine with me. I knew what that thick sterling silver band meant to me, and that was enough.

I wear this ring every day, and I think about that dark time, and how it was so long ago, and how the Lord guided me through it. How my sleepless nights became some of my most peaceful. How my restless mind was eased by Scripture, and my daily life revived by the love of my friends.

This ring I wear, in remembrance of all of that.

And that’s the last of the rings!

Tomorrow, I’ll start on my necklaces. There are three, although I only own two now…I’ll explain in my posts.

And I should probably post a picture of all the rings (or most of them. I don’t think I captured my thumb ring in this picture…)




❤ Mishy

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