Small & Quaint

This is actually the second to the last of the jewelry pieces. I just remembered one more piece I have – a bracelet. I won’t go into too much detail about it, I’ll save it for tomorrow.

But this post is the last post about the necklaces I own.


I turned twenty-one last December. Even though it was on a Wednesday, it was pretty fantastic. I remember putting on one of my favorite outfits: my aztec leggings in black, white, and turquoise; a white tunic tshirt with a pocket on the left side of my chest; and my newly bought faux leather jacket. The night before, my sister stayed up with me, and did my hair in finger curls.

I felt flawless. How a birthday girl should feel, right?

My plans were lit – I didn’t have work in the library until later that night, and a class that Bria and I had together that was held right after lunch was cancelled that day. Which mean that Bria and I could walk down to Scotland Yard, hop in Cupcake (my car to those who don’t know), drive down the mountain to Mojo Burrito for my free meal, drive back up the mountain for a free Starbucks drink, and head back to campus to hangout and watch TV before I had to go to work that night.

It was a perfect day, and a perfect plan. And it all got better when I went to my mailbox, and received a small brown box. Gifts are cool. But man…I wasn’t expecting this either.

Another blue Tiffany’s box. Another blue Tiffany’s pouch. And another beautiful necklace, this time with a small, purplish-blue gemstone. I have the Tiffany’s gemstone handbook with me right now, and I cannot for the life of me figure out which one mine is. There are no pictures. Please help haha.

But I love how small and quaint that little stone is. And the chain is short enough that it sits perfectly above my shirt line where it can be seen. I was never one for giant, flashy jewelry pieces. I find the smallest things can be the most beautiful.

As soon as I opened that necklace, I put it around my neck, and wore it the entire day during my birthday, and every day since maybe a month ago when I realized I got bike grease or something like that on it. I really need to stop by Tiffany’s to get it cleaned. I’ve never done that before, but I know of a Tiffinay’s in a mall in  Atlanta where my parents get their wedding rings cleaned. Maybe someday I can take it by there, and they can take care of it for me.

So lately, I’ve actually been wearing my small silver heart necklace. But that’s just fine with me.



❤ Mishy


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