Wrapped Around My Wrist.

This is officially the last jewelry post a part of the #ObjectsTellTales series. I’m not sure if it’ll be short or long. Let’s see where my words take us…

I graduated high school in May 2012. It was amazing. If you read a few posts back, you’ll remember that my class was a class of eight. We’d all gotten through 180 days of senior year together, and it culminated into this moment.

Before I got my current job, I was copying pictures onto discs – pictures of my family in past years, like when Annabelle was a baby, and when we lived in the suburbs. Some of the pictures I unearthed were my pre-graduation pictures; pictures of my mom straightening my hair, only so we could curl it into perfect ringlets. Me wearing a white sun dress, looking into the bathroom mirror, trying to get ready (even though back then, I didn’t wear make up, so I don’t know what I could have been doing in front of the mirror. I actually still don’t wear make up today either haha).

The hours between me and graduation were winding down, and during that time, I was able to receive a few gifts before I was an actual high school graduate. One gift was an Edible Arrangement from an aunt in Atlanta. The “2012” on the top was made from pineapples. And some of those pineapples were dipped in chocolate. DELICIOUS.

My next gift was some cupcakes from Gigi’s. Two of them were chocolate chip cookie dough. Funny that two of my graduation gifts were food. At least one was healthy, and one satisfied my sweet tooth! 😀

The last gift I received before I drove off toward my graduation…was another blue Tiffany’s box. And inside it was this beautiful bracelet made of turquoise, white, and green stones. There was no clasp, just two silver circles with one slit in them each for me to connect around my wrist. It was beautiful.

I wore it during my graduation ceremony, but it fell off, fortunately in my lap before I walked across the stage. I wrapped it around my wrist once more, and it lasted the entire graduation and the reception, only to fall off in the parking lot afterwards.

I think I’ve only worn it one other time after that because it was constantly falling off. Because there’s no secure clasp, and my wrist is basically non-existent, the bracelet falls off easily. So I still have it, but I’m still trying to figure out how I can wear it without losing it. And even if I found a way to wear it without it coming off, I’d only want to wear it on special occasions.

But of course, I always think of my high school graduation when I look at it, since it was the only big occasion I wore it during.

I want to make it clear that I don’t write about my jewelry pieces to brag about them. I write about them because it amazes me how much of my life can be captured in something so small. I wear these pieces, and am brought back to wonderful memories. People and times I hold dear.

What are some objects in your life that you wear, keep with you, look at every day? What are the stories behind those? It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or miraculous. A simple, sweet memory will suffice.

Tell me. I want to know!


I’m sad that this is the end (for now!) of my #ObjectsTellTales series. What am I going to write about now?? How many weeks have I been doing this again? Either way, I’m excited to see where my writing takes me after this. There’s a lot been going on in my life recently, and I’m taking a road trip in a couple of days, so maybe I’ll write on that trip! I’m excited to see my sister and my friends, for sure.

Halfway through the week, whoo! And I get off of work early on Friday? PRAISE.



❤ Mishy

One thought on “Wrapped Around My Wrist.

  1. Seaux Chill

    Bracelet with olive green beads. I lost it smh but my homie had given it to me for my birthday bc I had given her one for hers. Idk why, but there’s just certain people who I got ridiculous amounts of love for simply bc I just rock with their energy that much. We didn’t know and still don’t know each other on a deep level but that bracelet always reminds me of her and I feel warmth inside bc of the love I got for her. Hope and pray for nothing but the best for her own life’s journey and path.

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