The Sweetest

And in that moment, I could breathe.

I’d dreamed over a hundred times about what it would be like to be honest when the time came. In my head, I’d gone through scenario after scenario of exactly what I would say, how I would say it, the different reactions and questions you might have asked me, my responses to those questions.

{You know, you can plan out all types of different versions of what you think will happen, but in my experience, the moment never happens the way you thought it would.}

In that moment, questions that I’d been pouring over for months were answered. Piles of anxieties were knocked over by the sound of your assuring voice. I expected to cry; to feel my heart overwhelmingly pounding in my chest, to the point that I could hear nothing else, and notice nothing else.

But no – your words washed relief over me. The peace I’d prayed for was provided.


It is WELL.

I won’t lie and say that this moment cured every little doubt that had ever been placed in my mind. But it was enough assurance for me to move forward.

Thank you for being there for me then.

Thank you for being here for me now.


❤ Mishy

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