Passing This Along

Currently lying on a cot in my little sister’s room in the dark, typing this out on my phone. My grandparents are here for the weekend, so I gave them my room to sleep in. 

I know I’m breaking all sorts of goals right now…no pictures, it’s almost 11pm. But life has been crazy busy, in a good way. Tomorrow is my Friday, and I will be embarking on a road trip to see my sister and my friends up at my alma mater for homecoming weekend. I’m really excited. It’s good to get away every once in a while.

Ya know, even though this is the second time in a couple of weeks. But it’ll be the last time for a while. 

I was just encouraged by a sister-in-Christ to allow God to “take the night shift” tonight by casting all my worries and anxieties in Him. I don’t know this sister personally, I think she actually followed me on Twitter, but she texts you words of encouragement based on the Word of God, and I can’t explain how awesome it is that nine times out of ten, her words of wisdom align exactly with what I’ve been thinking about, or what I’m going through. 

And I just wanna give a shoutout to her. She is digging deep in the Word of God, and is being obedient in encouraging her fellow believers. 

Tonight, I do have a lot on my mind. There are situations I want to do something about, but know that I am not in control of, and it freaks me out. There are things I wonder about, like how certain outcomes will be.

But I know that simply dwelling on these things will not get anything accomplished. In fact, earlier this week, anxiety was weighing on me as I was trying to go to sleep. It was already late, and I was concerned about so much. But I cried unto the Lord, and He heard my cry. 

And y’all, I slept like a baby that night.

So, I’m about to go do that again, but I want to pass on the encouragement that was given to me tonight.

Allow God to take the night shift. If you’re worried about something, upset about something, give it to Him. He knows our hearts and minds better than anyone else ever could. 

Love you guys. I don’t think I say that enough 🙂


❤ Mishy

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