I am currently on the road with my family headed to Chattanooga.

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, there’s a hurricane called Matthew headed for the southeast coast (so, who started this whole naming hurricanes thing, though?). Today, a ton of schools in Savannah were closed, and I don’t know about jobs, but my job is closed until Monday.

And then we get the news that Tybee Island was issued mandatory evacuation. So we are outta there, and headed up to one of my favorite places. 

Not too many thoughts tonight except these: Christian brothers and sisters, please pray for anyone who is going to be affected by this storm. I’ve never been in the midst of a hurricane, but we’ve all seen the damage they can do with examples like Hurricane Katrina in NOLA.

One of the last things I saw on the news as we were packing to leave was the fact that there were a lot of people staying in Savannah because they didn’t have any mode of transportation to leave. And that just broke my heart. Please pray for those people who have no choice but to stay, and possibly sit through the storm. 

I know that there are other areas that are going to be hit more than others; I wanna say Savannah and Tybee are going to be hit, but not too bad. 

And to those going through their own personal hurricanes, whether that be emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or physically, I pray peace over you tonight. I ask that the Lord give you sweet rest with whatever you are going through. 

Stay safe tonight, everyone. 💙


❤️ Mishy

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