A Somewhat Complete Guide to The Rocket Summer Songs that Mean Most to Me.

There are few artists and albums that really get me. You know what I mean? Like break-up songs; they are perfect for when you go through a break up.

But what about when you’re feeling worried? When you feel like life is caving in, or when you need to just cry out all your emotions?

When these emotions come around for me, The Rocket Summer is what I listen to probably 98% of the time.

Real Friends is also another one of those bands whose songs have lyrics that describe pieces of my life to a T. It’s actually kind of scary.

But The Rocket Summer (aka Bryce Avary) has songs that are filled with soul-searching, but always point back toward the hope we have in Christ. He’s within the genre of alternative rock/pop, and he’s just so REAL.

I had the opportunity to meet him several months ago in Atlanta during his “Zoetic Tour,” and just having conversations with him about how some of his albums were harder for him to process and record than others, and the journey of stress and hard work it took for him to do what he loves…I was totally amazed.

And he gives great hugs too.


If you listen to his albums, each one has its own different vibe. But there are songs I listen to from each one that resonate with me so closely. I was going to go through a total album review/history with song suggestions, and why I suggest them, but it’s already so late, and like usual, I need my sleep.

But, I’ll make a little playlist for you all, and stick it at the end of the post. And okay, maybe I’ll make some lists too with songs, and which album the song is on. Albums will be in italics, and the songs will be listed underneath. Granted, I might be missing some, so you should just listen to all of his albums because he’s just that great.

Songs that Remind Me that God is in Control/I Shouldn’t Worry

Calendar Days – “TV Family”

Hello, Good Friend

  1. “I Was So Alone”
  2. “Never Knew”

Do You Feel

  1. “Save”
  2. “Run to You”
  3. “So, in This Hour”

Of Men and Angels

  1. “Roses”
  2. “You Gotta Believe”
  3. “Light”


  1. “You Are, You Are”

Songs for 20-Somethings/Other People Just Trying to Find Their Way in This World

Calendar Days

  1. “This is Me”
  2. “Mean Thoughts and Cheap Shots”

Hello, Good Friend

  1. “Brat Pack”
  2. “Show Me Everything You’ve Got”
  3. “Destiny”

Do You Feel

  1. “All I Have”
  2. “A Song is Not A Business Plan”
  3. “Hold It Up”
  4. “Waiting”
  5. “So, in This Hour”

Of Men and Angels

  1. “I Want Something to Live For”
  2. “I Need a Break…But I’d Rather Have a Breakthrough”


  1. “Sharks”
  2. “Get Over It”
  3. “White Fireworks”

Sweet Songs Every Girl Wants Dedicated to Them

*cough, cough* to you fellas out there. JUST SAYIN’.

From the Calendar Days album, we have…

  1. “Skies So Blue”
  2. “Saturday”
  3. “She’s My Baby”
  4. “That’s So You”

The Hello, Good Friend album brings us…(THESE ARE SOME OF MY FAVES)

  1. “Around the Clock”
  2. “I’m Doing Everything (For You)”


Do You Feel has us feeling all the feels with…


“The tongues Of Men and Angels” make our hearts sing through…

“Hills and Valleys”

Life Will Write the Words…but how many??


I’ve only scratched the surface here, but it’s almost midnight, so I’m just gonna leave it here! Lemme just get this post up, and I’ll create that playlist for ya, and stick it on here when I get the chance…which will most likely be tomorrow. So look for the updated version of this post with the playlist tomorrow night.

Or you can look up the songs by yourself if you’re that curious 🙂

A big thank you to Bryce Avary for following the Lord, and answering the call to making music that matters. You inspire and encourage me daily.



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