Please Bare with Me…

I WILL start the first series for this #JustStartWriting month EVENTUALLY…

But I just got back to Tybee today with my family, and I’m still in the midst of unpacking, and dealing with water damage in my room. I’ve only been dealing with the water damage, to be honest, and I’ve barely done any unpacking.

I’m also trying to mentally prepare myself for work tomorrow because I haven’t been at work for almost a week at this point, and I need to go to bed at a decent time.

But I am still here blogging! And I’m doing it on my cell phone too because our WiFi is out right now.

This’ll be a short one though; a small update. As we drove into Savannah, there were a lot of trees knocked over; I only noticed one that had landed on top of a house. There were a TON of leaves everywhere. Pa says it looks like winter right now because none of the trees have leaves anymore. 

Overall, I am grateful that my family is safe, and that our neighbors are safe. I read in a paper while I was in Chattanooga that there were three fatalities, and I’m not sure if that number has increased since then.

Apparently, southern Tybee got hit pretty hard, according to my stepdad. I haven’t been down there, but I’m hoping everyone and everything is okay. 

And I hope I’ll get to post some pictures of the beach soon! As far as I know, one of our beach entrances has been closed off, and I don’t know when they’re going to open it back up 😫

Please continue to pray for everyone who has been effecting by Hurricane Matthew! The storm may be over, but cleaning it up takes time and patience.

Love you guys! Thanks for hanging and reading. I’ll hopefully be starting that new series tomorrow! 😘


❤️ Mishy

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